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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PST

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and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robotic system to clean oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at good morning. breaking news. nbc news has confirmed just this morning president hosni mubarak has left cairo. a statement is expected at any moment. this has hundreds of thousands of protesters pouring back into tahrir square. strong armed, house speaker john boehner says congressman chris lee was not forced to resign over that shirtless photo. the woman who received it offers some surprising advice to lee's wife. and "today" exclusive, candid interview with janet jackson. her battle with weight, sometimes rocky relationship with her father. the special bond she had with
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michael and the doctor now charged in connection with his death. >> do you still feel as strongly about his culpability now as you did then? janet jackson on the record in her most revealing interview yet. her most revealing interview yet. "today," friday 11, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today." it's 7:00 am on the west coast on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm ann curry. we're following breaking developments out of egypt. a live look at the crowd gathered in tahrir square this morning. this is the largest gathering of p protesters in all of these days of protest against the president hosni mubarak and his
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government. we received news that the president of egypt has left cairo and is now in sharm el sheikh. thursday, when it appeared mubarak was ready to announce his resignation but instead went on state tv and said he would remain president until the fall and transferred some powers to his vice president. let's get right to chief correspondent richard engel in egypt. >> reporter: this appears to be part of president mubarak's strategy, to become out of sight, out of mind. yesterday, he transferred powers to his vice president, omar suleman and said the army would step in to guarantee that authority, the transfer of power takes place and that democratic reforms are ensured in this country. the people, however, are not accepting this. they say as long as mubarak is in the country with any kind of
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title, they cannot be sure that change really will happen and they are back out on the streets today in the hundreds of thousand thousands. demonstrators are responding with anger and demonstration as the announcement fell short yesterday. huge crowds gathered in tahrir square this morning and spread out beyond it. a small group marched to the presidential palace, now surrounded by tanks and barbed wire. egyptians largely expected mubarak to resign yesterday. on camera, it was a done deal. >> as he told me, his resignation is now. this is good for egypt. >> reporter: but then, nearly 11:00 last night, several hours later, mubarak finally addressed the nation. he promised democratic reforms ahead of elections next fall.
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the crowds in tahrir were silent. waiting to hear two key words "i resi resign." instead, mubarak says he would transfer authority to his vice president, omar suleiman but mubarak still calls himself president. suleiman then spoke saying he would oversee a transition, and that mubarak was acting in the interest of the nation. the reaction was utter disappointment. >> when, mubarak, are you going to -- >> reporter: seemed to be looking for a middle ground. transferring authority but remaining president. although egypt's ambassador to the united states told nbc news it is now suleiman who is the defacto leader. >> the authorities of the office of the president have been
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transferred from the president to the vice president. >> reporter: backing that plan, the army is now, mostly a symbolic role. this statement read on state television, the military says it will act to guarantee that reforms take place, that the people's demands are met, that there will be no retribution against demonstrators and that future election will be free and fair. once again, meredith, it is a matter of trust. the people here simply don't believe as long as mubarak has the title of president, even if he transferred power to his vice president, even if he's away from this crisis in sharm el sheikh that he could change his mind, he could change the army. until he is gone, they say they will continue to demonstrate. >> richard engel, thank you. we'll go down to tahrir square where ron allen is live. give us a sense of what people are saying to you now that the president has left cairo? are they still distrustful of what's going on here?
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>> reporter: they deeply distrustful, mayor ith. people do not believe anything that this president says. they want to see him gone and they want a clear, unambiguous gesture, clear, unambiguous statement that he will resign as president and leave. going to sharm el sheikh is not the answer. it was rumored for some time he might do that. it was also rumored he would move to germany for medical care, something that has happened over the years. as you see behind me, hundreds of thousands of people here in tahrir square. as you look over the crowd, there's a sea of egyptian flags, sea of faces. the crowd goes back for several hundred yards in that direction, in all directions for that matter. people are here. they're angry. they're determined. they're upbeat, though. it's been peaceful. it's been a peaceful day of protests. under the violence following the anger and frustration that erupted last night. the scene last night a typical example of why people do not trust the regime here.
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so many people came to the square, expecting to hear that mubarak would resign, expect in to hear the words they thought they would never hear in their lifetime. indeed, that was not meant to be. mubarak, they feel, is still manipulating them. they feel betrayed and they feel like this whole idea of going to sharm el sheikh is another trick, another maneuver to keep the whole process going. people here feel that he has been trying to manipulate and defy them all along and see the whole sharm el sheikh thing as another gesture. they're still out here in the streets, again, vowing to stay another night here again. people are dug in. they are determined. and people from all walks of life. we met doctors, lawyers. we met workers from factories who have come here today. people are determined to stay, hear their voices heard in this place called liberation square, the only place in cairo, the only place in egypt where people truly feel they are free to express their point of view and demand their freedom.
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back to you. >> ron, you describe the mood as anger, frustration and also upbeat. >> reporter: very upbeat and very confused. it's hard to really say in a word or two what people are feeling. they're confused. they're bewildered. as each hour goes by, as each rumor fills the square, as each hint of a confession comes here, people try to digest it. they're not sure what's going on. they're not sure what the president is doing, but they fear they're being manipulated. that's why throughout this entire crisis they have stayed consistent. they want the president gone. it's a clear and simple message and they've stuck to it. >> ron allen, thank you so much. it is 7:08 pacific time. with more, here is ann. >> thanks. news of mubarak's refusal to resign caught the white house off guard and president obama was quick to challenge mubarak's
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defiancy to the world. savannah guthrie is joining us. i know this administer is still breaking and breaking pretty fast but has the white house had time to react? >> reporter: we've heard he is in sharm el sheikh and the u.s. government out of the pentagon feels that this is a legitimate giving of power to the vice president, suleiman, one aide saying in the past that clearly mubarak loves sharm el sheikh. that's where he wants to go, where he wants to retire. that's why he said a week or ten days ago that he plans to die in egypt. this is a series of fast-moving events. it was clear yesterday that all day the white house expected, like the rest of the world, that mubarak, in fact, would resign last night. when he didn't, the white house put out a very tough statement. this is the clearest break yet between the white house and mubarak. it's clear they're disappointed, the white house trying to align itself with the protesters more
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forcefully than ever before. let me read a portion of the statement from president obama last night. they must put forward unequivocal path toward dremcracy. the egyptian people have made it clear there is no going back to the way things were. egypt has changed and the future is in the hands of its people. talking to senior aides, it is clear, ann, this is the point of no return between mubarak and the obama administration. >> the times of london is reporting that president obama had a very tense conversation with the king, king abdullah of saudi arabia in which the king says to the president that basically he was too quick -- admonishing president obama for being too quick to urge hosni mubarak to step down. they're not just allies, but they're friends. with an would be the broader repercussion of what we're seeing? did the white house do the right
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thing? >> you're right. this is the line the white house clearly has been trying to watch. there's a lot of audiences here. it's not just egypt but other allies in the region. that's why the white house had been so careful not to humiliate mubarak or hector him out the door but push him in this direction. they may have problems with other allies in the region, like the king as you mentioned. also israel is watching this so carefully. mubarak has been a partner for peace in that region. one person said to me it's very sad because egypt really was the foundation of middle east peace. everyone wonders in the new egypt what will happen there. >> still developing, savannah. we have thousands -- in fact, the largest crowd ever now gathered in tahrir square and news that president obamubarak gone to sharm el sheikh. thank you very much, savannah. it is 7:11 pacific time.
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here is meredith. >> thank you, ann. andrea mitchell is nbc's chief correspondent. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> how does it help defuse the situation without being seen as benevolent? >> shocked by the degree of american influence in major crisis in a critical part of the world. it forces the administration to take a tougher stand as the president did in his statement last night rather than trying to continue to balance democratic goals against the need to help smooth a graceful exit for a longtime ally. this began the u.s. strategy has been to internationallize pressure on mubarak to avoid the view that u.s. is supporting change over an ally. the french, british, other european leaders are joining in to call for mubarak to step down. but there are divisions among other u.s. allies.
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israel is a long supporter of a. israel, long supporter of mubarak hases very concerned that the u.s. is abandoning him too quickly. and now what they're seeing in liberation square could spread to other countries as well. >> that testy phone call between the president and king of saudi arabia where he basically told the president not to humiliate his friend, mubarak, not to embarrass him. according to a saudi government source, this is a quote now. with egypt in chaos, the kingdom is the only ally left and they want the united states to remember that. is that a threat? >> king abdullah of saudi arabia is known to feel that the white house has abandoned mubarak far too easily. on a previously scheduled visit, trying to assure gulf leaders of u.s. reliability. that has all fallen the way this
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has played out and could have long-term damaging effects on american policy. >> what does this say about our intelligence? was there a failure here? >> that question is going to be raised, already is being raised. and in a really bad fit of timing. all having to report to congress yesterday for their annual briefing and questions about whether they failed to predict the uprying in egypt. you can feel the tremors coming. if you don't know when the earthquake will hit, but he has created a 35-person team now to try to continue to better monitor. first of all, facebook, twitter and all these open sources, to better know when this thing is reaching the critical point. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so much. it's 7:14. now here's ann. >> meredith, thank you. the sudden resignation of new york congressman chris lee and now the woman who received surprise at how quickly the scandal exploded. kelly o'donnell has the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: hi, ann.
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there is so much adjustment going on right here. the office left abruptly by former congressman christopher lee wednesday is still open. it's now known as new york 26. it's still being run by the staff and the official office of the clerk is controlling things. there are also changes to be watching here too. we haven't heard from the former congressman, but speaker boehner knew he'd have questions to answer. >> my conversations with members are private and they will remain that way. >> reporter: speaker boehner was asked if he pushed for the speedy resignation after chris lee's moment of bare-chested posing and e-mails apparently looking for dates hit the gossip website >> congressman lee made his own decision that he thought was in his best interest, in the interest of his family. >> channel 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: lee's resignation is big news back home in buffalo. >> the name plates have been
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removed from outside of where he once worked and inside the name bearing the name of the former congressman has been covered. >> reporter: constituents are puzzled and surprised. >> sad state of affairs when you have someone you are supposed to respect publically lets you down. >> reporter: the 46-year-old married father and wealthy former businessman had been rising in republican ranks, but became a late night punch line. >> look at that, he's a congressman. do you know where the shirt is now? burning on the driveway with the rest of his clothes. exactly. what are you doing? >> reporter: lee's resignation even stunned the woman who placed the craigslist personal ad and gave her story to gawker. >> she said she was surprised when she found out he had resigned. she said she didn't expect him to resign. she never even met him. >> reporter: the woman, identified as 34-year-old aisha callahan offered personal advice. >> she said if he was on craigslist e-mailing pictures to
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women, who knows who else he had met and maybe the wife should get herself tested. >> reporter: callahan claims e-mailing lee was supposed to be just silly fun. >> she thought this was funny. boiled down to she was bored, shared the information and said someone must be playing a prank. this can't be the guy. who would be that stupid? who would give someone their real name? this game playing. this goofing around on craigslist? >> reporter: they never even met, but the consequences were big. one of the big questions is will new york's governor andrew cuomo make a decision in the next month to call a special election. we'll see about that. because new york is one of the states losing seats in congress after the census, new york 26 could be factored in to how they redraw the maps of upstate new york. ann? kelly o'donnell with that perspective. thank you. it's 7:17.
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here's meredith. >> ann, thank you. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press." good morning. >> good morning. >> it's been a rough week for republicans to say the least beside the resignation of congressman lee they have seen several bills defeated in the house where they now hold a majority. how big of a setback is this for the party and how do they get back on solid ground? >> the roughest part is they made a promise in the course of the election to cut $100 billion of nondiscretionary spending, a part of the budget that's away from the big four like defense spending and medicare and social security. then they came in and said, well, we are not going to keep that pledge. there were a lot of reasons why, none of which were flying with the members. a lot of freshmen republicans said, we made a promise. we have to keep the promise. they have had to adjust and deal with the controversy like this. it shows you that they have a lot more cohesion on the campaign trail and in the minority than in the majority. >> what do they do going forward? >> they have gone back. speaker boehner and other leaders have said, we will get
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to $100 billion, but it will be painful. that's really the issue here. how painful will the cuts be and can they get agreement on the senate side to do it? we'll be set for a big battle over the budget. that's the budget going forward. what they are talking about is the budget just for the rest of this fiscal year. it gets complicated. budget math of washington. what it means is the fights will be even more intense than we thought and, oh, yeah, there is a huge fight looming over raising the debt ceiling for the country because we'll need more money. >> also by this time in the last election cycle we had already seen several candidates announcing they are running for president. we have seen no one so far. why do you think that is? >> i think it's related. a lot of republicans shaping up this 2012 field are hanging back to see how some of the fights play out between the tea party faction in the house and other new members of congress and see how that goes. they know that the populist strain of the republican party
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will be a big part of the primary fight for them. that's reason number one. number two, you get out too early, become a declared candidate, a front runner. you become a target. in this media environment i think they want to hold back on that. >> david, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now a check on the top stories from natalie morales at the news desk. >> good morning. a teenage robber was shot dead by police as he emerged from a north carolina bank with a gun to the head of a female hostage on thursday. the 19-year-old held seven people captive for several hours. three people were killed and three injured overnight in two related attacks in virginia. police detained a suspect and believe the targets were not chosen at random. >> the gas explosion that rocked allentown it pennsylvania, wednesday night has claimed five
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lives and leveled dozens of homes. in rural eastern ohio a ruptured gas line caused another explosive fireball and sweeping brush fires. there were no injuries reported in the blast. a mother and son got too close to hawaii's powerful waves. take a look at the local ocean safety educator caught this on tape after they ignored his calls to get away from the rocks. the two were rescued but suffered injuries in the wipeout. unbelievable. now 7:21. very lucky otherwise. some injuries but they are alive. >> absolutely. i forgot to mention david gregory's guest on sunday is speaker of the house john boehner. >> that's timely. >> welcome, al. >> it's my time. here we go. things are quiet around much of the country. a front draped across florida with showers there. clouds in the pacific northwest. a few lake effect snow showers upstate new york and otherwise sunny skies and temperatures warming up through the southwest into southern california and we will see a warmup in the
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midsection of the country that will spread to the south and east finally getting temperatures back up into more seasonal conditions. that's what's go another beautiful day in the bay. one more. we'll look towards a gorgeous saturday. sunday looks okay with clouds increasing. then the rain arrives for the second half of monday, also known as valentine's day. high pressure is providing us with clear skies, lots of sunshine today. a few high, wispy clouds. 68 is the forecasted high in redwood city. 66 in san francisco. and 60 degrees in oakland. some east bay cities will be a little bit warmer. we are going 65 in livermore. have a fantastic friday. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. ahead our exclusive interview with music superstar janet jackson as she opens up about losing michael, her father and her difficult issues with self-esteem. this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, the 4-year-old girl who braved the elements to save her family after a terrifying accident. >> and the story behind the dress michelle obama wore to our visit to the studio this week. that's after your local news. t.
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good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm lara garcia-cannon. this morning san francisco police are investigating the death of a woman found inside a hotel. and police think an abandoned car found near devils slide and a missing man are linked to the case. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live at the san francisco police department to find out how it all ties together. marla? >> reporter: laura, investigators here at san francisco pd say that missing man is a person of interest in this suspicious death of a woman found inside that hotel room here in the city yesterday. now, he is 51-year-old billy waterman from riverside county. now, he and colleen waterman
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were reported missed on monday and their car was found near devils slide on highway 1 yesterday. police are not saying the woman found dead is colleen waterman but they are linking the two. we will, of course, continue to follow this story. for now, that's the latest from san francisco. laura? >> thank you, marla. also, following the forecast is christina loren this morning. let's check in with her. >> good news for the next few days. we'll see beautiful days ahead, but then the rain comes back into the mix as of monday. it looks like heading through the next ten days rain chances each and every day after. 41 degrees in oakland. a lot of sunshine today provided by high pressure. temperatures end up in the 60s. 64 in los gatos. 68 in oakland. 67 in san jose. now the rain arrives late monday into tuesday. and it will continue all the way throughout the next workweek. we'll find out how we are doing on the roadways this morning with mike inouye. good morning, christina. it is friday, friday light. it is holding up for most of the bay area freeways. we'll get a look, we have the
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slowing for highway 4, but it has not extended much beyond antioch. a little slowing through bay point and pittsburgh and also coming down to concord. a nice, easy drive. 24 is moving slow, but no issues approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. the south bay is seeing the most slowdowns for northbound 101 from capital up to 880 and past the airport. that's the brunt of it. laura, back to you. 7:28 right now. i'll have another local news update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than two minutes. have a great friday morning. ♪
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the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection. see what it takes at 7:30 on friday morning, february 11, 2011. another cold morning here in the northeast. al promises it's going to warm up just in time for the weekend. i'm meredith vieira alongside ann curry in for matt. ahead, our interview with janet jackson. it's the most revealing to date as she opens up about the emotional challenges she's faced all her life, her relationship with her father and the loss of her brother, michael. she talked to us about it all including her feelings about michael's doctor, conrad murray. >> also ahead we'll talk to a 4-year-old girl who was involved in a bad accident with her family. she wasn't injured. she decided to walk through snow
7:31 am
covered fields to get help for her mother and brother. they are here this morning to share their story. also, the first lady looked beautiful this week when she stopped by our studio earlier this week. you may be surprised to learn where she got the dress and how much she paid. >> she's a good shopper. let us begin with our exclusive interview with janet jackson. she's launched a new world tour and has a new book called "true you." we sat down with her for a revealing conversation. ♪ she's one of the best-selling pop artists in history. with 35 number one hits, five grammys and acting roles on the small and big screen, janet jackson has been a show business icon for decades. performing since the age of 5, the youngest member of the jackson family emerged to achieve super stardom on her own. yet for all of the fame, janet
7:32 am
jackson has remained famously private. and though her music seemed to indicate she was in control, her weight was not. yo-yoing in a public struggle that masked a personal pain the root of which she's now talking about for the first time. >> in your 20s your album "rhythm nation" topped the charts and you were in a good place. you wrote in the book that you were so self-critical that i hated what i saw in the mirror. i would bang my head against the wall because i felt so ugly. you really did that? >> i would literally bang my head against the wall and cry. i didn't feel attractive. there was so much going on in my life. i felt very unattractive. >> where did that come from? >> it stems from my childhood. >> as early as 6 janet remembers comparing herself to her older sister. >> i would always look at her picture and say she's so beautiful. if i could only look like that when i get older. >> when it came to her first
7:33 am
television acting role, it was not always "good times" backstage for janet. >> i developed at a very young age. i started getting breasts when i was 10. to make me look more flat chested they would bind my chest. immediately that says, okay, the way you are, you're not good enough. that affected me at 10 years old. >> beyond the binding they said you were fat. >> yes. they wanted me to go on a diet and i did. i never felt quite right. >> some of the teasing came from your family, from your brothers. michael in particular would tease you about your butt. >> yes. he never meant for it to be cruel. he didn't realize the effect it was having on me. i got called a lot of names. a lot of names. >> what kinds of names? >> horse, pig, cow, slaughterhog. >> this is by your brothers? >> yes! it makes you laugh. i guess some people say, that's just brothers and sisters
7:34 am
joking, but not everybody can brush it off. i was the kind of kid that kept everything inside. i never spoke out. ♪ >> reporter: now at age 44 as she kicks off her up close and personal tour, her largest world tour ever, janet is eager to share fitness secrets, recipes from a nutritionist and her feelings about her famous family. you wrote an essential part of the story is rooted in my inability to confront joseph. talk to me about that. >> what do you want to know, meredith? >> i want to know what you meant by that. >> my father was never there the way i really wanted a father to be. i would see my friends interact with their dad and i would say to myself, that's what i want to do. i want to be able to sit on his lap. i want to be able to call him dad. >> you called him joseph. >> he said, that's my name to you. you call me joseph.
7:35 am
you don't call me dad. i tried it once. >> to call him dad? >> yeah. >> what happened? >> he said, i am joseph to you. do not call me dad. you're going to start me going. that affects you as a kid. >> i'm sure it does. >> it still affects me, as you can see. it really does affect you. i know my father loves me. he just has a very, very different way of showing it. >> you give your dad credit for activating your career, but you say also -- and michael said this, too -- that you were scared of your dad. there was a time when you were in the bath and he struck you with a belt when you came out? >> that was the only time my father ever whipped me. >> how old were you?
7:36 am
>> i was really young. i can't even remember my age. i was very young. a lot of times i felt my father would take things out on us because of -- i don't know -- issues outside the home. but we were afraid of my father growing up. >> you have dedicated your book to mike. there is a great picture in here that i just fell in love with. mike named me dunk and we shared every dream, every confidence. i was his little sister. he always knew i had his back. what do you mean? >> we had each other's backs but later in life, certain things he was going through, i tried to be there for him as much as i could. even with "scream," the song, the video. i'm tired of injustice. i'm tired of the scheme. the lies are disgusting.
7:37 am
so he was up set. he was angry. he was mad at the all of the allegations at that time. his little sister was there, had his back and was there to go toe to toe. >> what was it about that relationship that was so special? >> we were very close. we did everything together and shared a lot of things. >> you wrote, i can't describe the pain in losing our brother or the pain of his children in losing their father or the pain of my parents in losing their son. i still have not seen the film "this is it." i still can't watch any of miss videos. the mourning continues. where are you in the process, janet, at this point? >> actually, since -- i was finally able to -- i was in paris and i spent the night watching all his videos, listening to his music.
7:38 am
and moments when i wanted to cry and moments that made me laugh. it was good for me. it's still not a day that goes by where i don't think about him. not one day. not one day. >> you're going to be on tour during this trial of dr. murray and i know you can't talk about that because of the particulars involved. but right after michael died, you said -- and many of your family members said -- you held him accountable. you have been in the courtroom. i can't imagine how emotional that had to be for you. do you still feel as strongly about his culpability now as you did then? >> mm-hmm. >> yeah. >> that's all i'm going to say. i do. i do. pretty tough. it's tough sitting in the courtroom. >> i wanted to ask you about that. i can see some families who would not be able to do it and others would say, whatever it takes, we are going to be there.
7:39 am
your family has taken that route. you have been in there. your mom's been there. other siblings. why has that been important for your family to be there for those preliminary hearings? >> it's my brother. it's my blood. he's no longer here because of x, y and z. i think it's important to every family who's lost someone. you want to see justice. >> the last time you saw michael was around your birthday. >> two days before my birthday. >> did you tell him you loved him? >> we said it to one another. i said, i love you. he said, i love you, too, dunk. >> dunk? >> my nickname. dunky fried chicken. i don't know. it makes no sense. michael was always silly like that. >> her birthday was may of 2009.
7:40 am
then the following month he died. her book "true you" comes out next week. i found her very gracious and sensitive and a nice lady. >> that's the most revealing interview i have ever seen her do. >> i think the writing of the book put her in that place. it really is a self-help book. she's clear about it. it is not an autobiography. she had to reveal some of the things that happened in her life to let particularly teens, young people know that everybody has struggles in life. the most important thing you can do is stay true to yourself. >> very, very generous. by the way, you can see more on "dateline: janet jackson, finding herself" on nbc. sunday at 6:00. much more monday on "today." now a check on the weather from al. >> today's weather brought to you by turbo tax software. turbo tax. choose easy. >> we have a cutie. what's your name? >> i'm lexi. >> where are you from?
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>> from arizona. >> you're all bundled up. let's check your weather, see what's happening? talk about a warm-up. dallas today 46. by sunday to 70. little rock, 44 up to 65. ditto for oklahoma city. it's all because of the jet stream. dipped down to the south. the eastern two-thirds of the country. then by sunday it's a ridge builds in that moves to the north. we have above normal temperatures. we'll reverse it the western two-thirds of the country all of the way to the east looking at above normal temperatures finally. it cools down in florida and the southeast. our neck of the woods will be lovely once again. 41 degrees in oakland right now. a chilly start, but another abnormally warm day for this time of the year. 68 degrees in redwood city. 66 in san francisco. and 67 degrees in fairfield. a really comfortable day in the
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east bay. in fact, all cities across the bay area will see abundant sunshine today and tomorrow. 69 degrees is the forecasted high for sunday. that's when things start to change. more clouds come in, and rain arrives for the second half of monday lasting all the way through next week. still to come, the story behind the dress michelle obama wore here on "today." and the new apartment building n new york from a legendaryttva wsieitv ghte ring ratt reviews right after this. archi getting rave reviews. that's after this. a while back, toyota invented hybrid synergy drive.
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back now at 7:45. legendary architect frank gehrie is known for his famous designs and is at it again, transforming new york's famous skyline. natalie has details. >> reporter: 8 spruce street is the first sky scraper, a luxury residential tower that literally soars to new heights. his buildings, works of art. iconic and ambitious. from the walt disney concert hall in los angeles to the guggenheim museum in spain. frank gehrie is an architectural giant with a style all his own. >> i have tried to have buildings express humanity. >> reporter: now the 81-year-old is making his mark on the new
7:47 am
york city skyline. his latest project, a breathtaking sky scraper where wealthy renters can have a view to die for. hello. it's such a pleasure. the acclaimed architect agreed to give me an exclusive sneak peek. i can't wait to see inside. shall we go on a tour? his 76-story high rise measures 870 feet, making it the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere and surpassing the trump world tower as the tallest here in new york. >> i tried to get them to lower it so donald trump wouldn't get upset. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest buzz surrounds his distinctive curving facade that gives rise to dramatic views, but the vista doesn't come cheap. a two bedroom rental with premium views, 15,000 a month. the penthouse is under construction and will be higher still. >> reporter: with what you call a priceless view of all of manhattan.
7:48 am
>> well, it's special to do something in new york city. i have always loved new york. >> reporter: without further ado it was time to get a glimpse inside the gehry-designed apartment. >> pretty light. >> reporter: oh, yes. i could live here. this is not too shabby. wow. >> here you see the slight wrinkles of the bay window and what they do to the room. >> shall we check out another unit? >> yes. >> reporter: at 1.1 million square feet, the structure is one of several residential projects catering to an international elite, seemingly unaffected by the economic downturn and willing to spend top dollar to be on top of the world. as his tower takes its place in the new york city skyline, this living legend shows no signs of letting up. how long will you keep going? >> i don't know. until i drop. i don't know what else to do.
7:49 am
>> reporter: it's an awe-inspiring building. for those interested in living in a frank gehry building, studios and one-bedrooms rent for about $3,000 a month. a real price range. >> rent? they're so beautiful i want to buy one. thank you so much this morning. if we could afford it. still ahead, remember the family that had to give up the baby after a -umixri mip -uduinx ngp fertilization? we'll catch up with that family coming up. first, these messages. the best device for everything you love to read
7:50 am
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you know when first lady michelle obama visited us she was talking about all kinds of topics and everyone is talking about what she wore. this dress from h & m, $35. >> wow. >> the belt is $10,000. >> the shoes, too. >> she's known to shop at places like h & m, target and the gap and then wear designer clothes. >> the most expensive clothes ever made and some of the least expensive. they're beautiful. i don't think there are any on the racks today. i think that they're gone. >> she's saying everyone's got to get up and get dressed in something. >> there you go. >> we're back after your local news and weather. your local
7:53 am
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good friday morning to you. 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to check on the forecast with christina. good morning to you. it is finally friday, and it is a cold start to this friday morning, but we'll warm into the 60s under abundant sunshine today. just a few more high, wispy clouds overhead than what we had yesterday. 66 degrees is the forecasted high in napa. the north bay will see mostly the upper 60s today. the east bay is looking towards the mid-60s. the south bay is one of the warmspots, 67 degrees. a gorgeous day this morning with no fog. the conditions will change heading to monday. a lot of rain is on the way. a wet workweek next week. we'll find out what to expect heading to work right now. christina, if you are working in san francisco, a big no for you folks. we have a problem for the muni system right now. there are no outbound trains
7:57 am
because there's a derailment. so you cannot service outbound trains through the area. so take b.a.r.t. or plan on driving there through the city. into the city from the east bay, a smooth drive off the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a live shot sending it back over to laura with hardly any backup. a set of pj's for a cup of joe is not a bad trade, live? we are live in fairmont with more from bob redell. >> reporter: this is the spread they have set up for you, coffee, tea, cookies. all they ask is you bring a new pair of pajamas. you can do it in the drive-by here in front of the hotel lob bi. this is for the pajama program in northern california. these would be going to kids who live in homeless shelters who are foster kids. you do it this time of the year because it is cold and valentine's is people showing the love. >> it is a good time for people to open their hearts. this is the fourth year we have done the fairmont hotel pajama
7:58 am
time. the kids in shelters don't have pajamas. so this is a good time. >> reporter: you have seen the kids receive the pajamas, uh washington does it do to them? >> it reminds them that people do care and are trying to help them out with their lives. >> reporter: if you are interesting to help out, come here to the fairmont and drop off a pajamas to get a snack to go. they are doing this until 10:00 today. bob redell for "today in the bay." >> that will make a big difference. >> i'll have another local news update in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 on this friday morning, february 11, 2011. we have an enthusiastic crowd here in rockefeller plaza on this getaway morning. nice sunshine, even if it is cold. i'm meredith vieira. thank you. along with ann curry and al roker. coming up this half hour, a remarkable little girl. >> that's right. 4-year-old averie's family was in a car accident. it was a truck that rolled over. she dug her way out, walked by herself to get help. can you believe that? >> i can't. >> it's a stunning story.
8:01 am
>> a foot of snow and 20-degree temperatures. >> we'll look at her. >> they don't look worse for wear. >> a love story for valuele tien's day. the couple met a long time ago. he had a need of a kidney. they reconnected 20 years later and found out that not only were they donor matches but discovered they were still in love. >> oh, that's -- oh! >> still holding hands. they were like two teenagers. >> giggling. she's trouble. i can tell. >> valentine's cards with kidneys instead of hearts. sir elton john was here thursday talking about his new movie. matt asked elton about the tough love comments made concerning billy joel and sobriety issues. >> yeah. >> he's going to hate me and he's not going to talk to me. it comes from a place of love.
8:02 am
you don't take your dog to rehab. he may want to punch my face in at the moment. but it's okay. >> billy joel released a statement in response. number one, he said, i do not hate elton john. number two, he said, i do not want to punch him in the face. number three, he said, if he wants to call me, my number is still the same. number four, good luck with the movie. >> we did leave out number five which was "have the paper boy start the car". >> well, there is that. >> no, no. >> hopefully -- >> maybe they'll get together. >> elton john was saying he meant it in love. so hopefully that was tough love. let's go to natalie morales with the look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. two sources are telling nbc news that embattled egyptian president hosni mubarak has left cairo with his family. this as protesters are rallying, apparently outraged by his defiant announcement last night. this morning egypt's military
8:03 am
issued a statement backing the decision to stay in office. a police chief in pakistan said the american diplomat who shot two pakistanis to death last month did not act in self-defense as claimed and should face murder charges. washington, however, calls the diplomat's jailing illegal and said it could jeopardize u.s. aid to pakistan. today the treasury department is proposing options for winding down government support for mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. they have received $150 billion in taxpayer bailouts since 2008. contract talks between nfl players and owners collapsed on thursday, increasing the chances of a player lockout. owners want a bigger slice of league revenues and two more regular season games. donald trump may have his eye on a tempting piece of real estate -- the white house. trump told a convention of political conservatives thursday that he will decide by june if he will run for president in 2012. he complained that the u.s. is becoming a global laughingstock
8:04 am
and a whipping post. his speech received several rounds of booing. it is now 8:03. now a check on the weather from mr. roker. >> we have a sign that says "i'm 16 today." and i'm not sure who. who's 16? you! what's your name? >> emily. >> where are you from? >> virginia. >> are you emily's sister? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> abigail. >> you must be their mom, just barely past 16. >> barely. >> our pick city today, mexico. i knew i should have taken the left turn at albuquerque. kov tv nbc 4. >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here is brian williams. good day from new york. in cairo, egypt, the crowds are
8:05 am
shouting and screaming, making a -- what is for them a joyful noise, end of their 18-daypro tests because of an announcement that just aired on egyptian television, short announcement by the vice president suleiman that h sochosni mubarak, who le egypt earlier today, has given up the powers of office. you heard the statement, richard, on egyptian television in arabic. what did you hear? >> reporter: it was so brief, i thought i had missed it. and then i could hear the crowds behind me starting to cheer. the vice president, omar suleiman said that hosni mubarak has decided to give up his office and hand over authority to a high authority council. as soon as he said it and made this short television announcement, the egyptian
8:06 am
people began to embrace, and they are still cheering right now, brian. >> this is live. this is tahrir square. for that matter, the area all around it in central cairo. the cheer was audible in the background behind our own richard engle, who is some distance and around the corner from the square, bordering the river nile at our nbc news bureau in cairo. there are millions of egyptians in the streets. let's just take in this moment for a little while.
8:07 am
richard engel, this was a purely driven people's uprising. it was about freedom. it was about jobs launched by them, assisted by social media, aimed at one person and the regime of three decades in egypt. >> reporter: they are now shouting, brian, what could become the symbol of this movement. they are saying egypt is free. egypt is free. there has been some celebratory gunfire. there will be celebrations and street parties throughout the night here. this is the moment that so many egyptians have been waiting for, for nearly three decades, brian. >> not to get ahead of this noise and this moment in cairo, but, richard, again, based on this short statement, what happens now? >> reporter: the statement said that power would be transferred
8:08 am
to the military, and the military has said all day that it will act to guarantee the legitimate aspirations of the egyptian people. the military came out this morning and said it would work with the people. all day we saw soldiers handing out water to the protesters. we saw the soldiers turning the turr tourettes of the tanks away. now we hear president mubarak stepping down, the army stepping in, promising to meet the people's demands. >> something unthinkable a few weeks ago. we're going to try something here. ron allen is down in the square. there's a very good chance he can't hear us, but, ron, go ahead and describe the circumstances around you. >> reporter: brian, i hear you loud and clear. and i hear the people of cairo and egypt, loud and clear as well. they are shouting "no more mubarak."
8:09 am
the minute the vice president ended his remarks, people started storming back into the square. i don't know if you can see behind me, but there are people mobbing us, wanting to say what they have to say. there are people crowding into the square, speaking, chanting in the streets. there is complete pandemonium, jubilation here. it's an incredible scene, eruption of satisfaction, victory has been won here, people are saying. it's an unbelievable scene. people are holding their flags in the air. look around the square, if you can. there's a huge flag in the center of the square. just a relief, incredible relief, emotion of excitement. it's a wonderful feeling in the crowd. >> i want to tell you something. >> reporter: what do you want to tell me? >> i am so happy. i am so happy. i need to tell president mubarak, you have ugly face. i don't want to see you again.
8:10 am
you can go out of egypt, out of egypt. you have big pockets. >> reporter: thank you. thank you. people here -- brian, this is an unbelievable scene here. people are just overjoyed. many thought this would never happen. hello. do you speak english? do you speak english? there are children -- brian, this is an incredible moment. just an incredible moment. this is what freedom looks like. that's the only way i can describe it. >> ron allen in tahrir square. ron's quote will live on, this is what freedom looks like. the people of egypt have ejected the leader. they've called him a dictator of
8:11 am
30 years, the largest arab nation, population 80 million plus. richard engel, i guess this news is still going to filter through those streets in this loud way. >> reporter: it certainly will. and filtering now across the country. we are hearing reports of celebration in cities across egypt. there have been protests today. just to list off a few. this, today, became a national movement. under the pressure of this national movement, people were out in the streets. the president decided to step down, perhaps forced to step down. now the army is moving in. we have been hearing a little bit of celebratory gunfire. but it's been peaceful. people are cheering, holding
8:12 am
their hands up in the sky saying "egypt is free. egypt is free." >> richard, i've got to believe if you're a leader in that region and think about the real estate from jordan to saudi arabia, think of the israelis, look i looking on at this military ally of three decades, what happens now in this absolutely vital region? >> there are a lot of arab leaders who are looking at this with absolute terror. they are seeing what has happened here, that a leader of 30 years was pushed aside by -- just under three weeks of popular demonstrations, and this will undoubtedly take to the streets more people to organize in police states and to show that they can challenge the regime, they can challenge the secret police, they can challenge decades of corruption
8:13 am
and nepitism. if egypt falls, many people predicted that other countries would go. and tonight egyptian president hosni mubarak has fallen. >> i want to show our viewers from the statement from suleiman, appointed recently number two under mubarak, came on egyptian television after a brief computer animation opening segment. again, it was so short, all of those watching, our own richard engel included, thought they must have been seeing a portion of it. but we want to replay that. this is the statement that started the uproar in tahrir square. >> my fellow citizens, in these hard circumstances, our country is experiencing, president
8:14 am
mubarak has decided to waive the office of the president of the republican and instructed the supreme council of the armed forces to run the affairs of the country. may god guide us. >> and that was it. with that, hosni mubarak, who exited cairo earlier in the day fully and completed waived the office of the presidency. yesterday, just millions of people have been streaming in to cairo, awaiting what was widely reported to be his departure. the speech by hosni mubarak last evening, u.s. time, failed to do that. it fell short and, at times, it was defiant. it led to a lot of confusion. while we were on the air last
8:15 am
night with nbc nightly news, we talked by telephone to egypt's ambassador to the united states, who went further than hosni mubarak seemed to, saying that he had given off all of the responsibili responsibilities of the job and kept only the title behind. now this is an ambiguous and now the future begins, after an 18-day civilian-led uprising in the largest arab nation on earth, linchpin of the arab world. throughout this entire crisis, throughout this revolt, what can now be called revolution in egyptian, other nations have been forced to watch. they have been trying to participate, trying to shape and move events. that includes the united states. at the white house, chief white house correspondent chuck todd has been watching this for days.
8:16 am
what's going on there? >> right now, they have gotten zero comment about the news of today. earlier, when they were anticipating an announcement, they knew something was coming and that it was going to be big. they simply put out word that they thought it was a good thing that mubarak had left cairo and that they felt reassured by that decision. clearly, there have been a lot of back channel conversations. we know vice president biden and vice president suleiman are talking quite frequently. yesterday, they had the anticipatory feeling that mubarak was going to go. something like what happened now they felt were going to happen yesterday, the president talking about history unfolding. that's what they thought was going to happen. as one person intimated to me earlier, it did seem, until just now, that everything mubarak did was about three days too late. but at this point, you can hear the relief in the voice of some of these senior officials that have been be working nonstop on
8:17 am
this crisis. >> chuck todd at the white house, as they react to this, it's over. this is now the largest celebration anywhere on the planet. and, richard engel, back in cairo, i keep coming back to what next. we're looking at this joyous population in this square that we all learned so much about. it's been the focal point of this uprising. quite literally when the cheers die down and when these exhausted protesters start to leave from there and the business of running egypt begins and the sun comes up tomorrow, walk us through. i know this calls for speculation on your part but walk us through some possible moves here. >> reporter: well, we've seen some indications from the army of what it expects next. the army has been saying that the egyptian people will get
8:18 am
their demands and that they should now return to work, restore this country's economic prosperity, restore the country's image. this is, of course, a friday, a day of prayers. it is also a day off of work. so, there already would be millions of people on the streets. now, almost every egyptian is going down, celebrating the new opportunity. tomorrow, many people will be be going back to work. it seems very unlikely that the protests will be out. there will be celebration, but business should begin to resume as normal, perhaps even better than normal. there are very -- almost no expectations of violence, no expectations of clashes here. we're getting some reaction from the crowd. people are saying the egyptians are here. they have asserted themselves. we are hearing the army and the egyptian people are hand in hand. we are hearing cries that god is greatest, el baradei who opposed
8:19 am
as an opposition leader. this is the greatest day of my life, the country has been liberated. brian? >> one of the news services is reported that the chant is "the people have brought down the regime." we've also been told egypt's mohammed el baradei has said on his twitter feed, quote, this is the greatest day of my life. the country has been liberated. savannah guthrie, our white house correspondent, is also with us. and, savannah, it's been said all along that the reason the united states -- the reason president obama has been cautious in circums pechlt ct of what he has said and what they have said publicly is that other governments have been watching
8:20 am
so closely to how the u.s. would deal with a long-time ally. now this brings great attention on the other nations, other friends of the united states, especially, in the region. >> reporter: yes. the president has been hearing from some of those allies and senior aides will say there have been multiple audiences here. that's why you've seen the administration walk this line so carefully. on the one hand, wanting to be, as one aide put it to be to me, on the right side of history, supporting the protesters, but not want iing to humiliate mubak and hector him out the door. after wrapping up giving this power away and confusing everybody, the administration had its clearest break yet. the point of no return, one person put it to me, clear that mubarak no longer would be propped up by the u.s. government at all. there's this new era and a lot of worries, frankly.
8:21 am
people don't know what's coming next. the fact of the matter is it's been the mubarak regime for three decades. mubarak has not allowed moderate parties to rise up and flourish. while the administration wants to see free and fair elections, they're also mindful of other options, like hamas coming to power. if it happens too fast, if you hold those elections too fast before these parties have been able to come together, you never know what you're going to get in a very tumultuous region of the world. >> and back to -- thank you, savannah guthrie. back to cairo and richard engel. yesterday the media were full of compariso comparisons, descriptions of this, comparing it to the fall of the berlin wall. we know what happened during that period. and we know the reformed world in europe we're left with.
8:22 am
take us through the possible kind of cascading events that could happen where we could look back and say, it got its start in tahrir square. >> reporter: there is an incredible feeling of empowerment. if you listen to that one cheer, it is the people who brought down this regime. the egyptian people have felt for decades that they had been taken advantage of, that they had not been in control of their lives, that it had been the political party, secret police who kept them in line, kept them with low salaries, kept this country from developing. there is a feeling right now of optimism. if they can channel this optimism inward and channel this on their own country, channel it on their own ability to form a political process, then many egyptians could see a much brighter future. we also heard from the egyptian military that as soon as these protests end, it will lift
8:23 am
emergency law. by lifting emergency law, by lifting martial law in place, egyptians will be able to form political parties, to organize, to demonstrate in a legal way, leading to elections that, according to as far as we can tell, will take place on schedule next september. >> and back to savannah guthrie, who has more information from the white house. savannah? >> an official just told me the president was informed about mubarak's resignation when he was in the oval office. he then stepped out of the oval office and watched coverage of what you're seeing happening in tahrir square. he is expected to make a statement on camera later today. the timing still unclear, brian. >> savannah guthrie, thanks. richard engel, just for a little brief bit of history, anwar al sadat assassinated at a parade
8:24 am
ground. sitting next to him, former general hosni mubarak takes power, initiates emergency law. the problem is, and the problem grew to be the fact that it was never lifted. >> exactly. on the 6th of october, he declared a crisis in the country and then president mubarak steps in, keeps that emergency law in place and uses the emergency law to prevent political parties from flourishing in this country, to keep down the muslim brotherhood. that was always an excuse by the government. that if the emergency law was lifted, this islamic group would step out and would take over the country. the islamic group has been present during the protest movement, but it has not been taking a leading role. these protests were begun by young people. they were spreading the message by twitter and other social media. they were inspired when
8:25 am
tanesia's leader went under similar circumstances. whether the muslim brotherhood will rise again, that remains to be to be seen. the muslim brotherhood is a powerful organization. it now will have the ability to express itself and join politics. that could fundamentally change how egyptian policy is. right now, these people are celebrating and believe the united states has been with them. they were annoyed and frustrated that there were conflicting statements coming out from the white house. but there is a sense that at least over the last 48 hours or so, president obama has been with them. and it's that encouragement, if that pro-american sentiment can grow here, that could be a positive thing for egyptian and u.s. relations and u.s. relations across the middle east. the war in iraq was designed to inspire this kind of movement
8:26 am
that we're seeing right now, democracy. people taking their own initiative, created an anti-american sentiment. instead, we are seeing a pro-american sentiment, a prodemocratic movement right now. >> how will this affect lives in the cairo neighborhood where you lived for four years, where you got to know the people who were part of the daily struggle? and how will this affect the lives of the workers you profiled earlier this week on "nightly news," who complained so violently and vehemently to you about patronage and the unfairness of the working class? >> reporter: the question is, will they wake up and have a bitter reality when they go back to work on -- at the end of this holiday and realize that the bosses are still the same? will people feel so empowered
8:27 am
that they try and attack their bosses? how will this energy be focused? will they hold labor strikes? that all remains to be scene when they go back to work. the people who are poor in this state -- in cairo, they at least feel now that they have the power to raise their voices and to demand change. they will be demanding that change. whether the changes will happen in the labor union, in the factories, unclear really, brian. they certainly feel that they have had the power to do the unthinkable, which was to topple president mubarak. >> thinking back to president obama's speech in cairo, because he represents so many firsts in office in the american presidency, it will be interesting to hear from the american president, which i understand will be at 1:30 pm eastern time, which we, of course, will carry.
8:28 am
>> it will, indeed. and perhaps the president will be able to speak more fully to the things that he has been wanting to say because, frankly, as richard has reported, a lot of protesters up to this point had been a bit disappointed, frankly, from the things coming out of the obama administration. they wanted to hear a more full-throated advocacy for their position. obviously, this white house and many white houses before it have had this bargain, essentially. stability with mubarak but a recognition that human rights and democracy were not honored there. and every administration has talked to mubarak about it, some more forcefully than others. the president spoke of the need of universal human rights when he was in cairo in 2009. i know from talking with senior aides, the president thinks this is a transformational moment, a moment that exposes, as one put it, the hollowness of this bargain with so many autocratic
8:29 am
middle eastern regimes. i still expect him to be careful in the sense of what we were talking about earlier, brian, which is it's not just egypt that's watching. it's the whole world that's watching. it's the whole region that's watching and other arab leaders will be very interested to hear what the president says. >> savannah guthrie and richard engel over in cairo, reporting for us. the noise you hear, as our own ron allen put it from the middle of the scrum in the crowd of tahrir square, as he said, this is what freedom sounds like. this is going to take a while to shake out. it's going to take a while to filter in. the people of egypt have rejected their government, ejected their leader, the dictator. 30 years of rule by hosni
8:30 am
mubarak is over. the presidency is over for him. a true revolution, sponsored by the people in egypt. continuing coverage all day. i'm brian williams, nbc news. 8:30 on this friday morning, the 11th of february, 2011. it is a little bit chilly now, but al has good news for all these folks. he said it should be a decent day for sightseeing in the big apple. >> just ahead, one of my favorite guys, adam sandler, is in the house. he's starring in the new movie "just go with it" along with
8:31 am
jennifer aniston and sports illustrated swimsuit model brooklyn decker. he's here to tell us about i it ahead. >> i don't think these are adam's hours. maybe get him a cup of coffee. get everybody a cup outside because it's cold. >> stacy london is here. >> she'll be taking e-mail questions including one about what's appropriate to wear if you are in your 50s. so there you go. we'll get ideas. >> maybe michelle obama's dress that's so gorgeous from h & m. >> that is a beautiful dress. >> plus, are your kids stressed out? between school and extracurricular activities kids are stressed out. we'll talk about ways to help them cope and deal with stress in their lives. >> believe it or not it's been a year since we were at grouse mountain for the vancouver olympics. in honor of the olympic spirit, the mountain is staying open all
8:32 am
night this weekend. we wanted to thank -- yeah, in honor of us. we want to thank the folks at grouse mountain and in honor of it being a year from being at the olympics, mark troub is wearing his olympic blazer. >> yay, mark! >> look at that. very nice. >> and it still smells of smoke from the fire. >> no, that's mark. he's smouldering right now. >> mark wears it every day. >> he gets older in july. >> it was wonderful. they were so gracious to us. >> it was. >> what about the weather? >> 22 degrees. >> what about the weather? let's see what the weekend looks like. rain in the pacific northwest with windy conditions. snowshowers around the great lakes. much of the country looking sunny. mild in the southwest. coolle in the southeast. sunday we have a clipper bringing snow throughout new england, northern new york. more rain in the pacific northwest. southwest looking great. plenty of mild weather.
8:33 am
warm through the gulf coast into the southeast, florida. midatlantic states nice. windy conditions in the northeast on sunday. a beautiful day is shaping up. the temperatures rounding out in the upper 60s. in the north bay the upper 60s and east bay will be gorgeous. 66 in san francisco. if you'll be out and about this weekend, maybe you're headed to pebble beach, comfortable afternoon. temperatures in the 60s. i think things will go south on sunday with more clouds and a little more wind but we're looking good up until sunday. rain arrives late tuesday into wednesday and all of next week. we have a sweet 16 over here. what's your name? >> shay. >> and it's ali's 12th birthday. now to meredith -- no, uncle willy. no, first we're going to say -- well, let's go to willard. >> in florida where the sun
8:34 am
always shines. happy birthday from smuckers as the jam jar spins around. here is beautiful anna ferris. 111 years old. nobody can believe anybody can be so beautiful and be 111. how about that? her faith in the good lord keeps her going. silver springs, maryland'sle elinor claunts is 100 years old. we love effie mae caffee. she's 109 and has tried for years to get on "today."
8:35 am
here you go. sylvia sullivan, avid packers fan is 100 years old. the groundhog predicted that spring is here and the packers would win. from watertown, new york, gladys cole is 108. independent until 107. then she needed a little bit of help. le always keeps busy. happy birthday to you. sarah king, stone mountain, georgia, 102. third time she's tried to get on the show. she'sle absolutely the most recognized centenarian in georgia, without question. we have baltimore, maryland's dillio ferro. 100 years old and he enjoys pickling cucumbers. >> thanks, willard. coming up we'll catch up with adam sandler. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
back now with adam sandler, star of "just go with it." he plays a plastic surgeon who romances a school teacher but discovered life isn't a bed of roses when you get caught in a lie. good morning to you. >> meredith, you look very -- not pretty. beautiful. >> well, thank you. you have just been in this movie with some very beautiful women. >> they don't hold -- >> oh, stop. >> i'm not lying. you're hotter than jennifer aniston, hotter than brooklyn. >> why is everybody laughing? and nicole kidman is in it as well. >> you're even with nicole. >> i'll accept that. you're good with the ladies. >> very good. >> let's talk about your character. a plastic surgeon who's never
8:39 am
been lucky with the ladies. the movie begins where he finds out the woman he's about to marry thinks he's a jerk. he decides to attract women by seeming like the unlucky in love guy. >> it's a nice missouri. the old fake out. lie. i'm in a bad marriage thing. these girls in the movie fall for it. i don't know if it would work in real life. >> you're happily married with two little girls. was there a time in your single life when you would lie to get the ladies? >> i couldn't stop lying. >> i never toldle the truth about myself until maybe four months ago. it feels good. i'm free. >> you never lied, did you? >> when i was a kid i lied. oh, yeah. 6th grade when i would try to get the other girls i would lie about who i was. i would say i scored a lot of points in the game. i was insane. i think i scored 120 points yesterday in the basketball game. and i would count warm-ups.
8:40 am
>> i want to talk about the ladies in the film beginning with brooklyn decker. last year's swim suit -- right? >> she was on the cover of sports illustrated. >> hard to cast her. >> i have to be honest. i didn't like the way she was looking, so i worked on her hair and did crunches with her. we got her there. >> this was her first film role. was she nervous? were you? >> she was amazingly confident and sweet. not cocky. just a nice girl. worked hard. she studied with acting coaches and stuff. took it very serious and was the sweetest girl. >> and jennifer aniston plays your assistant in the film. >> yeah. >> i was surprised to learn that you guys go back a long way but you have never worked together. you have known her 20-plus years. >> i love jennifer. we were young. we used to hang out in california together. then we always talked about doing a movie together and finally got to do it.
8:41 am
>> you had a love scene with her. was that weird? >> it's weird for every costar to kiss me. but aniston handled it nicely. there was no spitting after the take. she kept her face right with me and was pleased to hear "cut". >> in the film she's a single mom with two kids. the two kids, her children are fantastic. there is a scene where you are trying to coerce them into playing your children. >> right. >> it doesn't work out. let's see the scene. >> okay. >> $50 for the day and a two-week acting class at the ymca nearest you. >> $500 and a four-week acting class. >> $300 and three weeks of class. >> done. >> i would have done it for $500. >> i would have done it for the experience. >> you actually did get them for a price. >> she's fantastic. she was better than me. i cut around her in my
8:42 am
performance. a strong little actress. >> your children, do you have to negotiate on anything? >> every morning getting dressed is insane. i want to wear these shoes! all right. if you wear those shoes you've got to wear a coat! no wear a coat. then no shoes. all right, coat. >> when you got your star on the hollywood walk of fame they upstaged you. >> they stole my thunder. i don't want my kids on television. it's fun when they come to the movie, do a scene and leave. i was holding their hands before the ceremony and they get very attached to me when i'm with them. i say, okay, go with mom. no, no, daddy. i stay with you. i kept walking to the stage and i felt if i were to say "go away" they would have a conniption so i brought them and
8:43 am
theyle stole the microphone from me. >> the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. valentine's day isn't far away. are you romantic? >> very. i'm taking my wife to see my movie four, five times. >> there iseses a boy named kevin diagnosed with leukemia. a couple words of inspiration from you may help. >> kevin, i was thinking about you. i love you. i hope you get through this as quick as possible. that's it, pal. you're on my mind. i hope to see you. hope you get better quick enough to fight me. i'm waiting on you, kid. >> kevin has the same sense of humor as you. >> great to see you, meredith. right on. >> "just go with it" opens today. up next, stacy london answers
8:44 am
your fashion questions. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
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back now at 8:45. this morning on "today's style," ask stacy. we went through your e-mails and tweets and found many women are conflicted about wardrobe. here to answer your question, we brought in host of "what not to wear" tracy london. good morning. >> good morning. what's the most common question you're asked? >> how do i look? if i'm just on the street, that's the question i get the most. my answer is do you want the truth or not? >> uh-huh. >> do they say, hello, my name is? >> no, not necessarily. >> so they want your advice. let's talk about one question we got from a woman who says, can a short, curvy woman wear a pan
8:47 am
pants suit without looking frumpy? i feel i can only get away with skirts and heels. >> you can wear a pants suit. there are considerations when you are petite. petite is anything under 5'4". but really small -- and this woman, i believe, was even shorter than that. she was around 5'0". when you're curvy, tailoring will be everything. >> tailoring. >> first, you have to shop in petite markets. that can be difficult. there aren't a lot of people doing a ton of range in petite. you have to find good ones. banana republic, ann taylor loft, these are national brands that are very good. >> we have jackie showing us what your ta're talking about. >> the most important thing is first you need to find a pant in the suit that fits you in the rise. that's your crotch. you want the rise to be as close
8:48 am
to your anatomical crotch as possible. that's not alterable. >> that didn't sound right. >> you want a straight-leg pant so it kcan be hemmed. look for a neutral. you can use the jacket, the pants separately. >> what about silk, wool, polyester? >> look for something that's three-season. polyester versus wool is really about the price point. how much you want to spend. look for something you can wear spring, fall, and winter. summer it's usually too heavy. >> great way to save money. >> and we narrowed the sleeve and took in the waist. there is darting to create a little bit more curve in the body so you see her waistline. >> a lot of times i look at a jacket and i say, i won't buy it because it doesn't fit quite right.
8:49 am
how much does it cost? >> to narrow a sleeve is maybe $15. to take in a darted jacket that already has seaming, very inexpensive. if it fits you better, it looks more expensive. put money towards the tailoring and you have a perfect suit. >> that's a good tip. thank you, jackie. another e-mail reads i am a 53-year-old stay at home mom. i'm going back to university but have no clue what to wear without looking too young. how can i look college appropriate but still age appropriate? >> first, deal with the fact that age appropriate is more important. then worry about the situation. at 53, you don't want to look like a 20-year-old student. that doesn't mean you can't wear fabrics that 20-year-olds wear. >> for example? >> this is margo. she's not wearing something that a college student couldn't wear. but this is appropriate for a woman in her 50s. don't wear jeans with a low
8:50 am
rise, that are skinny, that don't flatter your figure. these jeans are by not your daughter's jeans. they are made for a woman who's maybe had kids. the woman who wrote in had nine children. at that age with nine kids you may want tummy control, more room in the hips. this is a flattering jean that's age appropriate. you can cover up, but you don't have to do it in a way that looks stodgy. do a ruffle, a great ribbed cardigan like this one from ann taylor. perfect for going back to school and still age appropriate. >> there is so much to say. thank you so much to mar go. let's talk about the last question basically talking about day to night. even if we work in a corporate environment we want the ability to work at a corporation. i'm a young professional working in a fast paced virm. i often work late hours surrounded by kentucky colleagues. after work i hang out with friends. how do i incorporate comfort and my youthful style?
8:51 am
>> if you work in a conservative environment you have to cover up. that's the most important thing. the second most important thing is if you know you're going out after work come prepared. bring the tote. inside the tote, put a clutch. >> oh! >> what we have here is a dress with stockings. take off the dress for us. after you leave work, throw the jacket in the tote. leave it at work for the night. take off the stockings and, boom, you are set for a night out. >> great. stacy london, great ideas. we always learn something talking to you. we'll be back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. thanks, models! [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
8:52 am
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8:53 am
this morning on "today's relationships," kissing. valentine's day is monday. so trying to define the universal language of love and thanks to a new book we can. it's called "the science of kissing." from the first -- to the famous to the surprising and the passionate, our lips speak a universal language. >> nobody ever kissed me the way you do. >> kissing is the most intimate behavior two people can engage in. >> reporter: cheryl's book looks
8:54 am
at the science behind the smooch. >> our lips are packed with sensitive nerve endings. even the slightest breast sends chemical impulses to our brains for us to interpret. >> it's part of a chemical cocktail moving through the body. >> you're engaging all your senses. your pupils die late, your pulse quickens, the breathing deepens. oxytocin can rise. >> reporter: kissing is important to men and women but the sexes pucker up with different motivations. >> i double dare you. >> double? >> women would describe kissing as important in and of itself where to men it's a means to an end. >> most remember up to 90% of the details of their first kiss. >> the first kiss sets the blueprint for what happens later. >> there was a girl i was madly in love with. i decided i wanted to kiss her. >> at a coffee house in
8:55 am
australia, texas, memories rolled off the tongue. >> our first kiss was amazing. it was on our first date. >> it was sparks and fireworkses and everything warm and fuzzy. we knew we were onto something good. >> it's exciting but also, like, totally vulnerable and intimate. he asked to kiss me and i said no. >> i remember i asked you out so i could kiss you. >> the peck, it's a reset button for me. >> understanding the science of kissing doesn't take the romance out of it. it gives you an understanding of yourself and your partner's body when it takes place. >> ooh, honey. >> high school, 7th grade. >> 6th. >> 4th grade, on the cheek! >> oh, my gosh. >> mom and dad, i swear. >> you never forget it. >> no. >> it's interesting to happy valentine's day..
8:56 am
we'll be right back after your local news and weather. good morning, the time is 8:56. i want to check your friday forecast with christina. >> looks good today, brent. our temperatures will be in the upper 60s for the most part. oakland 60 for you. 68 in santa rosa. our beautiful days are numbered
8:57 am
in the bay. looks like we're going to have a wet pattern change as we head into next week. as we head into the probably the part of saturday, good day for pebble beach. more news after the break.
8:58 am
a bay area man admits he threw the punch outside of at&t park years ago. he is pleading guilty to charges of involuntary manslaughter as part of a plea deal he'll be sentenced to one year in jail and five years probation. buckley punched an 18-year-old college pitcher during an argument outside of the ballpark in may. this is pictures of him. he fell and hit his head on the concrete and died the next day.
8:59 am
more local news coming up in half an hour. the "today" show continues up next. have a great friday and great weekend. see you later on.
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this friday morning, the 11th day of february, 2011. a nice day in manhattan. a little bit cold. these folks came to kick off the weekend with us. i hope they don't mind but we decided because it's so cold, we -- i actually begged to stay inside. >> the good news is by sunday it will be nice and warm and sunny and you're not going to need all those heavy coats and hats. >> it's about time. thank you very much, al. we have been wanting that news for some time. i'm ann curry with al roker. matt is off this morning. coming up, talking about the breaking news out of cairo where masses are pouring into tahrir square. they have been outraged over
9:01 am
president mubarak's declaration on thursday that he will serve out his term. although he's also talked about handing over power to his vice president. people are reacting to the news and also that mubarak left the capital for another place in egypt. we'll have the latest on the story that's still developing today. >> absolutely. back at home we'll tour homes. barbara corcoran has found some properties whether you like country club living or lakefront views. and also teens and kids are more stressed out than ever. exams, sports, peer pressure. sometimes we as parents add to the anxiety. coming up, advice on how to destress your kids. >> i give my kids a massage sometimes on their shoulders. sometimes a whole body massage to help with stress. setting the mood for valentine's day, a romantic tablescape. we're also going to have some great ideas for the one you love. first to the top stories from natalie. >> good morning, everyone.
9:02 am
yes, it is now official, mubarak is out. we begin with that breaking story from egypt. there is celebration in the streets. the country's vice president and announcing president hosni mubarak who ruled egypt for 30 years has stepped down and handed over power to the egyptian military. nbc's ron allen is in cairo's tahrir square where 18 days of demonstrations have now ended with the protesters' number one demand being met. ron, good day. >> reporter: good day to you. incredible day of demonstrations is turning into an even more incredible night of celebrations. people have jammed this square in untold numbers as soon as the president -- vice president made his remarks, people started streaming into the square. there was a huge outdurburst of applause, a huge cheer. people started screaming, yelling, we are free, we are free, mubarak is gone, mubarak is gone. around the square tonight, just scenes of utter joy and
9:03 am
jubilation. as you look around the square, it's packed. it goes back for hundreds and hundreds of yards. people are chanting, god is great, god is great. this night is something so many people here never dared dream might happen in their lifetime. that hosni mubarak would actually step down, especially after last night and that disappointing speech when he seemed intent to hang onto power for so long, but now around the square there is just jubilation and just a sense of relief and exultation that a new day has truly dawned here in egypt. i said before this is what freedom looks and sounds like. people are just overjoyed. you see women, children, men, young, old alike, everyone from this society has poured into the square just utter jubilation. so excited, so pleased. celebrating just a huge victory and so many people just determined to just enjoy this new day. back to you, natalie. >> and ron, it's been a long 18
9:04 am
days there. i know they're going to enjoy that celebration as long as they can keep it going. ran allen there in cairo. thanks so much. the gas explosion that rocked allentown, pennsylvania, late wednesday night has now claimed five lives and leveled dozens of homes. this is the latest in a string of natural gas explosions. just weeks ago a fireball was caught on tape in philadelphia, and last year a blast in northern california killed eight people. last night in rural ohio, meantime, a ruptured gas line there caused another explosion. no reports of injuries in that blast. arizona governor jan brewer has filed a countersuit against the federal government which is challenging arizona's immigrat arizona in court. brewer's suit said washington has failed to protect arizona from illegal immigrants forcing the state to pay for jail time when some commit crimes. lawyers for jared loughner are asking a judge to bar u.s. marshalls from releasing a mug shot of loughner.
9:05 am
one picture has been released, this one showing him smirk, the service said it has another photo. loughner pleaded not guilty to shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 18 others. the tense atmosphere at the venezuela national assembly turned into a dust-up after a member of a party opposing hugo chavez marched to the podium in protest. an argument broke out and it turned into a brawl until soldiers came in to break it up. this february, we could all use a little bit more sun, right? this week a pair of nasa spacecrafts met up near the sun after a four four-year voyage. in addition to taking pictures with never before seen detail they are studying a cycle of energy output the sun is scheduled to enter in may of 2013. solar flares could cause electrical disturbances on earth. nasa is looking at the bright
9:06 am
side and using research to limit the damage. that's a spectacular image there. five minutes past the hour. now to mr. roker for a check on the weather. >> cool stuff. we have clouds moving into the pacific northwest. a cold front drapes along central florida. that's going to bring more rain. lake effect snowshowers in the northeast and northern new england. no big problems. plenty of sunshine out west. 65 in san francisco. 76 in l.a. we expect showers on the midatlantic coastline and lake effect snows throughout the great lakes as well. our neck of the woods is chilly but our temperatures are climbing towards the 50 degree mark. 51 degrees in oakland. pretty close in hayward, you're at 49 degrees. a little more chilly in the outlying areas. this morning we're looking towards a chilly start but we'll see the temperatures rounded out in the 60s later today.
9:07 am
temperaturewise right around 65 degrees in san francisco. peninsula looking nice and mild as well as the north bay, east bay and south bay. have an excellent weekend. time now for "today's real estate." great deals to be had on homes across the country. today, real estate expert barbara corcoran has us covered. good morning. >> good morning, al. >> we're starting off with a bang in palm springs, california. 429,000. some amazing mountain views. >> when you hear palm springs people think of warm pools and palm trees and this house helps with that reputation. it's a mid century modern home for people who love golf. it's right on the fairway. out back it's even prettier than the front with a pool, sweeping mountain views in just about every direction. there is woodwork throughout the house that's been designed with the house.
9:08 am
it's got high impact. black and white design. not the thing i normally like, but i think it works in this house and gleaming white floors. sliding glass doors into the backyard. the kitchen is open, as you see, with the main living area. built in wine storage and breakfast area. the average temperature in the winter is 75 and in the summer it's 95 degrees. not a bad place to live. >> not a house for everybody. >> it's a house i see someone without children living there. a couple or single person. super modern and delicious to look at. >> in louisville, kentucky, a more traditional home. $410,000. >> the first kentucky derby was in 1875 and that's still the big deal in town, the run for the roses. this is a georgian colonial, a typical house for the area. it's the kind of house that would make your relatives think you have struck it rich. remember, it's only $409,000.
9:09 am
>> love the fireplace in the backyard. >> that's the backyard. big mature trees, double story fireplace, beautiful furniture. who wouldn't sit out there and be comfortable? it has a sunny family room with beautiful woodworking. it's meticulous. you could just move in. in fact, i would say this house needs a few things on the counter. looks like nobody's living there. that's how neat these people are. the family room is adjacent to the kitchen. granite throughout the house. a nice glass cubed wall is beautiful in the family room. i think that's a nice hangout room and that's what they use it for. everything in the house is meticulous. it's $409,000. >> does the fireplace add to the value? >> it's dramatic. it impresses everybody. people pay extra. >> now to the pacific northwest. seattle, washington. we have a duplex for $450,000. i don't think we have had one.
9:10 am
>> they are unusual. most towns don't allow them. this one has two kitchens, two living rooms, two of everything. it's readily convertible to a one-family house. it has a pretty cottage garden out front. detailed wood trim. an unusual staircase going up to the loft area which they use for the kids. beautiful gleaming wood floors. there is an upstairs kitchen painted with tile counters and a back splash. >> look at the garage door wall! >> i know. that's a spare kitchen in the house. it's just as nice as the other kitchen in the house. i like the exposed wood beams. you wouldn't know this is in the garage. but there it is. it's a modern house. very hip. there is nothing traditional inside. outside it's traditional in every way. this is a great house. look at the space in the living room. >> really cool. in missouri, we're going to lori, missouri. $429,000 to a lakefront property. >> i think there ought to be a
9:11 am
song with lori, missouri. it's perfect. three hours west of st. louis with its own private cove and a walkway that leads to your own beautiful lake. that's a cute little house. i love the proportion. it's neat as a pin. the house has plenty of windows. every wall takes full advantage of the beautiful views. if you saw this peek, there is nothing behind, nothing in front and your very own dock with an open floor plan in the house. all the living areas on the entry level. >> look at the view. >> that's a beautiful working fireplace. a laundry room on the main floor which is a plus. gorgeous kitchen. beautiful cabinetry. this is a beautiful house. >> gorgeous. we have a property that's very different from the ones we have seen so far. this is $450,000 in new york. >> montor falls. what's great about this house is a drop dead view of the falls.
9:12 am
there is the front of the house. looks like a storybook house. it's in the heart of the finger lakes in the wine country. great weekend house. besides the nearby walking and biking trails it's three miles from watkins glen which is a great ski area and international raceway. there is the view from the backyard. >> oh, my gosh! >> what's wrong with that? the town put in lights so you're looking at quiet lights all night long and you hear the rush of the waterfall in the backyard. >> so you have to go to the bathroom all night. >> only you would say that. al, you're terrible. this is terrible. all right. let's move on. i'm trying to save you. >> that's all we have. >> kitchen, windows. very nice drapes. they look like they have fallen down a little bit. i can't get over that comment. you're terrible, al. let's move on. >> you were thinking it. >> no, no. >> who was?
9:13 am
see? have a great weekend. find out more information on the homes at . up next, from too much school work to overscheduling how we can help kids destress. later, creating a romantic dinner date on valentine's day. i think i will take barbara, with the help ofif cpertolines expert colin collins. first, these messages. so i can't sleep... can't b. and the next day i pay for it. i tried decongestants... i tossed & turned... i even vaporized! and then i fought back: with new drug-free breathe right advanced. these nasal strips instantly opened my nose, like a breath of fresh air. i was breathing and sleeping better! [ female announcer ] exercise your right to breathe right... get two free strips at hey, it's your right to breathe right!
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9:16 am
between social pressures, school work and extracurricular activities a new study finds american kids are more anxious than ever before. michelle borba is a psychologist and "today" contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> a study by ucla showed the mental health of freshman students had only a 52% rating their emotional health as above average. you have to wonder what this is doing to their overall health. >> it is doing damage in terms of their physical and emotional well-being. >> confidence. >> oh, the confidence. the importance of the study, this is 25 years. it's been tracking thousands of kids and we have never seen a bigger spike and that girls are way up on the stress level, too. >> that's really scary. >> so let's do something about it. >> what is the culprit? what's the reason behind the stress? >> there are a number of them.
9:17 am
let's look at the culture of what's happening in the last ten years. first of all, every kid would say it is a more competitive world they are growing up in. high stakes in terms of test scores, achievement and they are called gen stress. we are looking at the economy filtering in this. that's making a big thing. many of our college kids figure they have to get the loan. they have to get the money, the scholarship. another one is they are overscheduled from a very early age. they have lost the commodity called play. >> free time. >> free time to decompress and parents. 85% of kids say they are -- >> pressure at home. >> home is what's pressuring them and they are feeling it. >> as parents we often don't realize how much it is affecting our kids. but every day you can see the effects, right? >> it's huge. 85% of those kids are saying they are going to school and can't focus as ale result of the
9:18 am
stress at home. the first thing is there is no rewind button on parenting. >> right. >> push the pause button and say, what am i going to do in my home. there are things we can control. >> first, you say to identify your kids' stress signs. what are we looking for? >> first, in terms of physical signs you want to be able to look and see, for instance, is that child -- headaches, stomachaches, nauseous. the thing that's important is every child will have a different sign. but you are looking at a pattern in your child. trouble sleeping is a huge one. insomnia. >> getting sick a lot. >> the frequent colds is really one that's also a concern add w -- as well. a big one we may overlook is trouble focusing and
9:19 am
concentrating. a little bit more clingy, the crying element. we are also looking at more irritable, quicker. now every teen will be like that. >> i was going to say, that's adolescence in a nutshell. >> you are looking for the moment when your child is pushed a little bit more. start tracking it. you will see a pattern and your goal as a parent is to watch when it gets too much at the overload level so you can start reducing it for your child and particularly for a teen. let him know what the signs are so when he goes away he can say -- >> you say to teach kids coping strategies to reduce stress. >> before we do that we have to look at our home. we have to do things at home. it's critical. step one is, if 85% of the kids say they are stressed out, ask yourself, is my home a place where my kids can decompress and relax? doesn't mean all of the time, but add some joy, fun. >> get some free time back. >> check the schedule.
9:20 am
check to see, is there something you can cut? look at things that could be causing the stress or enhancing it. if you keep your kid on a routine schedule or look at the sleep stealers or the energy stealers. a lot of kids are drinking caffeine and that's keeping them up at night. >> you encourage deep breathing, yoga, exercise. >> that's what we are going to do. once we get to those levels the next thing we can do is teach what are called stress busters. the first best one is to take a full deep breath from way down here in your tummy. if a little guy doesn't know how, bubble blowers are fabulous. how far can you get your worry to go away? yoga. girls say it's wonderful. >> right. exercise. boys say that's helpful. a positive mantra in your head is wonderful as well. >> right. >> go away, worries. you can't bother me.
9:21 am
>> more on the website as well. michelle, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> up next, two women get plucked from the plaza for an instant ambush makeover. we'll reveal their hot new looks ahead after th.
9:22 am
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now you could get the royal treatment. it's an event expected to be seen by millions around the world. the marriage of prince william and kate middleton in a fairytale setting just like the wedding of his parents 30 years ago. if you and a guest want to be in london during the festivities we want to accepted you there, all expenses paid. go to to find out how to sign up to be there. be creative. >> be fun and funny. still to come, creating an intimate evening for your sweetheart with the help of colin kelly, design expert. >> more coming up including yummy smells from the "today"
9:25 am
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i can't think of a better way to kick off your day. so i just have one question for you. are you eating quaker for breakfast? good morning, the time is 9:26. >> it's going to be a beautiful weekend, brent, good morning to you. wet and cold next week so you'll want to seize the next few days. by sunday the clouds roll in but we're not expecting showers until the latter part of monday. 64 for today in los gatos, 69 in santa cruz. rain starts up late monday lasting into tuesday. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> over my shoulder you see a lighter volume past the coliseum. this is westbound 580. because of the gravel spill a couple of lanes are still blocked in north livermore and
9:27 am
have been blocked for an hour. not a good alternate because it's slowing your drive to the alternate which would be highway 84. slowing through the heart of li forng flowing 880 to the toll plaza. more news after this.
9:28 am
state attorney general is dropping all charges against one of the suspects in a high profile south bay murder. prosecutors doen have enough evidence to charge rodriguez. the mercury news reports that decision come after a public defender discovered flaws in the investigation, including an informant who admitted to being motivated by the $90,000 reward and cell phone records that showed the suspect was not in the area at the time of the killing. also, dna evidence found in the getaway car was not linked to the suspect. he was shot to death that bank
9:29 am
parking lot back in 2008. in north richmond, sheriff deputies are escorting buses after a group of men open fire on a transit bus. one of the escorts in progress last night. contra kosta leaders are taking no chances. they'll go through a rough stretch of neighborhood where the shooting happens. the escorts will continue indefinitely each night between 8:00 at night and 3:00 in the morning. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute. have a great morning and we'll see you in a bit.
9:30 am
♪ the beautiful voice of best-selling singer josh grobin. he'll be here to help us celebrate valentine's day with a live, very romantic performance, monday here on "today." i just love him. so great. >> what a voice. >> meanwhile in this half hour we'll help you set the mood for valentine's day with our experts. >> it's all about the ambience and we have colin kelly. he's terrific at setting the
9:31 am
mood from the music, i guess to the shake there, to the table setting. >> that's a martini. >> we have a way for you to save money by making the romantic male at home. >> nice. >> you can do it for cheap at home. >> if you have the red shirt like colin, you're in like flynn. if you want to cook up something special, we have a latin lover seafood paella and sangria. ingrid hoffman shows us how to spice it up. >> what accent is that? >> that's puss in boots. >> sounds like antonio banderas. >> hairball! >> we have people to introduce. >> we have lester holt and amy robach with what's coming up on "weekend today". >> hard to top that. coming up with the housing drag and the economy people are opting to rent instead of buy.
9:32 am
what's best? we'll take a look at how you figure that out. >> and mysteries. from a chilling claim of alien abduction to the search for the fountain of youth and the zodiac killer, we are digging for truth. we get advice from the ultimate wives club. they have tips to make a relationship last. more this weekend on "today." >> sounds great, guys. meantime we have weather to talk about. it will be all about that this weekend. >> things are finally warming up across the country. no major storms. saturday, rain in the pacific northwest. mild from the southwest on into texas. cool weather in the southeast. at least it will be sunny with snowshowers from a clipper coming across the great lakes. sunday, windy conditions through the great lakes. more rain in the pacific northwest and the snowshowers continue in the northeast, northern new england. we are looking at mild conditions gulf southeast into the mid mississippi river valley and warm through the southwest.
9:33 am
we are looking really good today and tomorrow and then the changes arrive by sunday. cloudy, a little bit cooler. but we have two stellar days. let's count those days as they are numbered. 68 in redwood city and 69 in santa cruz. really mild in the east bay with temperatures in the mid-60s. the changes arrive by sunday. clouds increasing and on monday we're expecting our first showers for the latter part of the day. rain chances every day next week. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. lester, you did such a great job in egypt. >> oh, thank you. >> nice to have you home. >> coming up next, colin cowie is setting if mood for ntf you p la to stay in, that is. right after this. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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9:38 am
we have colin cowie here with good ideas this morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm great. i love the idea. it means you don't need to worry about not having made the reservation. you can do it in your own home. >> i don't know of any woman that wouldn't love a man to cook for her. >> let's talk about what a man can do for a woman. >> we started with the setting. flowers are five times the cost of valentines and roses are the most expensive. we used purple. fun, expensive toebl with votives, purple napkins to set the tone. >> you're saying it's about little touches. you don't have to go extreme. >> anyone can do this. the great thing is it's really well priced. when it comes to food, use ingredients you can pick up on the way home from work. poached lobster and cocktail sauce. seafood is a great aphrodisiac.
9:39 am
>> oh, i didn't know that. i knew it about oysters. >> then some store bought pasta sauce or gourmet good quality sauce. lobster tail. then we always want a good cocktail to go with it. >> we do. >> i mixed it with pomegranate liquor, quantro and vodka. that's enough to get us going. >> i think i will take that with me as i move on. >> absolutely. now we'll talk about dessert. >> happy valentine's day. this is a great one. >> this is edible ink. you can write a beautiful note to a loved one which sets the tone for everything. then we'll take the chocolate brownie. you can find it pretty much in any store.
9:40 am
add to it a little bit of chocolate sauce and run this across. look how easy. >> a man can do this for a woman or a woman can do it for a man. >> if a man serves chocolate with an i love you and edible ink. >> you won. >> that's money in the bank. >> as you build that a lot of people will be asking where to get the edible pens. >> i found them at the cake store. >> they come in different colors? >> they do. >> i love the little message of "i love you" on a basic white plate. >> it can go from drab to sad. >> you know what you're doing. fantastic. what that says to anyone is, look, i went to this trouble for you. it's not that hard to do. >> gorgeous. >> a brownie, scoop of ice cream, a truffle and a raspberry on top. >> honey, i had one of these. i may fall over in a second.
9:41 am
listen, this is what you suggest a woman to do for a man. >> say they went to a restaurant and she invites him back for dessert. >> why are we on the floor? >> you move to the coffee table with a couple of cushions. we use beautiful candles. we all look more beautiful in candle light. >> being on the floor says, this is not your everyday. this is going to be different. >> valentine's comes once a year. >> exactly. why do we have the marshmallows? >> they're on sticks, so you can feed one another. >> oh, great. now we start moving to pouring chocolate on each other. colin, shall we turn the cameras off? >> that's a different network. >> there is another thing you can feed each other. >> kabobs. >> dip them in there and there you go. >> the chocolate biscotti. another great idea.
9:42 am
>> do you know what i like? the idea of not eating with -- i mean, you can eat with forks. >> but eat with your hands or feed one another. >> it's more sensual and tactile. >> this is amazing. i found these glasses at the museum of modern art. look how great. and a bit of rose champagne. because this is a vacuum sealed glass the temperature of your hand doesn't affect it. it's nice and cool. >> yes. >> after we have a little agent provocateur set up. >> strip poker. >> what are you trying here. >> happy valentine's. great ideas and some of us might be able to use. up next, what you may want to think about serving in addition to what colin chose from seafood to sang rhria. we have a spanish inspired meal
9:43 am
after this. [ female announcer ] this year, i have a lot more than one valentine. one for making my perfect cup of coffee. one for being the perfect neighbor. and one for no reason at all. your moment. your dove. ♪
9:44 am
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9:46 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," what's for dinner? we are spicing up valentine's day with a latin-inspired menu. >> now we're talking. i ingrid hoffman joins us. happy valentine's day. >> i'm bringing you good food. a nice spanish meal. we have sangria, basil infused. we have crema. seafood. >> you're using noodles? >> this is a style with noodles. al, want to help me? that's garlic. >> you really brown the noodles. >> it's a trick to doing paella. originally this was from valencia, but they do it with thick noodles. here the catalan style does it
9:47 am
with thin pasta. if you don't break them up, it is a nightmare to stir. so break them. we have the garlic, seafood broth. this cooks everything in less than ten minutes. here goes our tomatoes. canned tomatoes. we do a pinch of cinnamon. >> oh, wow. >> that's the key ingredient besides seafood are the spices. >> exactly. >> issaffron. >> just a pinch. believe it or not, the cinnamon helps really intensify. the paprika. >> you can find these in any grocery store. >> this is all super easy. now we do a little bit of sherry. eyeball it. as much as you like. >> i have bigger eyeballs than you. >> if you want, you can add onions, parsley, the
9:48 am
petit-pois -- peas. the peas. and then we'll add the seafood. we have mussels and calamari. the trick is that you cook it very little. now this will really just take a few minutes. we'll cover it andle while that stays cooking we'll do our crema catalana. >> is it like creme brulee? >> you cook the broo lcreme brud this you don't. you torch it at the end. we have cinnamon, orange in there. >> what is that -- cream? >> that's five cups of milk. we want to warm it, extract the cinnamon flavor. a little bit of the orange rind. >> beautiful. >> then literally this goes into -- we mix it up. >> pouring it in? >> it was going to be the other way around, but don't worry.
9:49 am
>> let's make it easy. >> you want the milk not to be hot so you don't turn into into scrambled eggs. >> now on this side, pretend that's cooked through. we added the corn starch as well. >> okay. >> this is what it actually looks like when done. >> so yummy, right? >> we're going to spoon it into ramekins? >> help me with that. >> making us work today. >> work it. >> geez. >> and what are you doing? >> i'm just standing and watching. >> did you salt this? we didn't, right? >> salt this up a little bit. for the paella you're waiting for the mussels to open up? >> while the fidellos cook it's eight, nine minutes. >> faster, faster. >> our custard! >> it's very easy to make.
9:50 am
and, of course -- >> the magic of tv. >> if you are single and don't have a significant other, in spanish we call it the day valentine's day of love and friendship. gather your friends together. you know, serve them a nice sangria. this is relatively inexpensive. do it with chicken or pork. >> to finish this off, put sugar on top? >> you put sugar on and torch it, but there is no torching at 30 rock. >> we don't torch. can you put it under a broiler? >> you can. i have the little torch at home. it's fun to use. i love torching. this is super easy. >> you were carrying a torch for me, weren't you? >> i was. >> we all do. >> we have the basil-infused sangria. >> i'm going for the paella. >> let me give you plates here. >> that's really good. >> the cinnamon really gives it a little -- >> the idea is you don't taste
9:51 am
the cinnamon. >> it's the infusion of flavor. >> exactly. >> wonderful. >> i promised jim in makeup i would serve him. save him some paella. >> the strange thing is we don't have a guy named jim in makeup. >> yes, you do. you're bad. >> i don't know who that is. >> he made me look decent this morning. >> happy valentine's day. >> to you, too. even though today you weren't sweet to me. >> what? under the bus, ingrid! >> wow! we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
hoda and kathie lee are here to tell us what's cooking. kathie lee, tell us about this fat melting thing going on. >> you have to watch the fourth hour, of course, to find out about it. it's a procedure if you have one little area that no matter what you do you can't get rid of it.
9:54 am
this was suggested and i put myself through the paces. i didn't pay for the machine. >> it's a melting procedure. it melts it and then it go -- >> it scalds your fat into submission. then you flush it. >> what's it called? >> excela. >> it's leaving from penn station. the 10:15 from washington, d.c. it takes your fat down the northeast corridor. >> by the fourth hour in a few minutes i will know the name of that thing. i'll do my homework. >> this is delicious. >> you have ambush makeovers, too? >> you know more about the show than we do, al. >> and food for love. >> let the games begin. cheers, everyone. >> can't wait to see the fat melting. >> you won't actually see it. >> all that and more.
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning, the time is 9:56. i'm brent cannon.
9:57 am
>> if you've been enjoying this beautiful weather, we only have a couple days left. 68 today in redwood city and as we head throughout the afternoon, a lot of sunshine and beautiful conditions continue into tomorrow, nice for the first part of sunday. then the clouds increase and showers arrive. wet pattern starts up sunday. rain chances every day next week. >> we're looking at the map and all i can call it is avoid the muni metro. we had an earlier derailment around the castro station, the underground system is a mess and above ground system is causing delays as well. more news -- brett, to you. >> facing child pornography charges this morning and students who teachers who know him are stunned. he is charged with distribution
9:58 am
of child important. he coached girl's volleyball and softball since 2006. mark ryan says state and federal backgrounds showed a clean record. this type of news goes against the school's principles of structure and discipline. he also encouraged them to come forward if they have any more information. police are investigating a possible sexual assault in one of the south bay's biggest hospitals. san jose police say a staff member at the kiser medical center assaulted a patient. that happened during a routine medical checkup. kiser permanente wrote a statement, protecting the health and well being of patients is our highest priority. based on patient's concerns, we promptly notified police. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in about a minute. we'll see you back here in a
9:59 am
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10:00 am
this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, we made it. we actually made it to dry day. it is friday, february 11, and we're here, and so, apparently, is president mubarak. he's still here. >> we're going to hear what happens hopefully later today. it's also a day that kathie lee says goodbye to her pooch, you guys. how does it look? did it hurt? will she still be able to belly laugh.
10:01 am
here's the thing. you did this deal where you had your fat melted with an iron-like item, and there is no surgical procedure, it goes out the way a cup of coffee would, and there you have it. >> there you have it. our wonderful dr. pat wechsler will be here to discuss the results. >> we've been getting a lot of buzz about one particular photo of you. >> i'm really angry at christine because that's the only way that could have been found. >> i first thought of blond cassidy when i saw it. >> that was so long ago. that was the last time i wore a bikini. >> do you think it worked? >> well, i don't know. it was kind of painful. but as long as you get the results you want. >> this is a crazy world.
10:02 am
the fact that lindsay lohan can do a perp walk, basically, that becomes a catwalk is unbelievable. this white dress she wore called the gladys dress has completely sold out. >> this is what lindsay tweeted. i just want to be on set again and left alone to just work. fyi, i would never steal. i was not raised to lie, cheat or steal. what i wear to court should not be front-page news. it's just absurd. god bless. >> knowing everyone would be looking -- >> if you don't want your dress to be the issue, wear flats and a black turtleneck and go to court. i can't believe that's sold out. >> she's got a beautiful body and she's a young, gorgeous girl, but to copy that for some reason is just unbelievable to
10:03 am
me. people need to get their own life, you know, a little bit? maybe? >> that perp walk was unbelievable the number of cameras and people stacked around it -- >> but she knows that she's a professional -- >> it was like a red carpet hollywood thing, wasn't it? look at that. >> we love our maria! also buzzing about dresses, michelle obama's dress that she wore here, it's an h and m dress for $35. and i think the thing that makes people like who she is about is they feel like she's relatable, especially in things like that. she wears j. crew, we can buy j. crew. >> but i hear one of the accounts in the newspaper today said basically that she had the sleeves added. right? yeah, she had the sleeves added. that cost $4,000. you got to pay for stuff like that. she must have bought another dress or had them do it and add some more fabric for her, but i
10:04 am
thought she looked adorable that day. >> we like sleeveless. >> some people don't, some people say it's inappropriate. >> who cares. >> you know exactly who you are. >> when you're wondering when the happiest time of the week is -- >> i was so glad to discover hoda didn't take our tax dollars to discover this. >> the happiest time and day of the week is saturday night at 7:26 on the button. because your night is not over, it's in the middle of the weekend. you haven't lost it yet. now, they say the unhappiest time is at 7:29 on monday morning. >> unless you work here and you're so excited to be here. >> i think the unhappiest time is sunday night. because you're ready for a long week and it's kind of over. >> you know what's coming up. >> you know what's coming up. >> i don't know, every day is a good day with you, hoda woman. valentine's day is going to be the best day for you this year.
10:05 am
>> what are you talking about? >> you know what i mean. >> no, i don't. >> if you could have a super power, what super power would you like to have? i also hope our tax dollars did not go to this? would you like to have mind reading or time travel or flying or invisibility or teleporting. i didn't know that was on the list, but once it was described to me, i said, that one. >> teleporting means we can be on the set and blink our eyes like this and be in florida. but the number one thing people wanted was they wanted to be able to read people's minds. >> i like that at first. then you start thinking about it. >> i would hate that. i would hate that. >> you would find it very, very helpful at times. >> no, because sometimes i might think bad thoughts about someone. just for a little bit of time. i just mean like for a minute
10:06 am
and then i'm back. but you know where i stand in that minute. >> but at least it would be honest and no bull and no pretense at all. you wouldn't have any of that. you would know they're going, oh, my gosh, she smells like a toad, and you would know so you would do something about it. >> but the person who was on the other end would never forget what the other person is thinking even if they're not thinking it for long. >> you have to control something in your life. >> there was a woman named adele enerson. she decided to photograph her baby, mila, in different positions and sort of make stories up about what mila was dreaming about. this is the bookworm. that's, i guess, the astronaut. is that superman? >> the book is going to come
10:07 am
out, i think, in the winner. it's called "when my baby dreams -- >> look at that. >> how did she do that? >> remember ann geddes, she does the gorgeous books with the babies. it looks like a cabbage patch doll. these are genius. >> how adorable. often we wonder if we get dressed for men or for women or do things for men or women. they say men like skinny jeans. >> no, they don't like skinny jeans. >> men don't like skinny jeans. >> do you guys like skinny jeans? they're not even listening. they're playing cards over there. no? and over the knee boots. >> what about a manicure?
10:08 am
do you care if women get a manicure? >> yes. >> you're sloppy that way, you're sloppy in other ways. it's time for friday's funny. my wife was standing nude looking in the bedroom mirror. she was not happy with what she saw and said to me, i feel horrible. i look old, fat and ugly. i really need you to pay me a complement. i replied, your eyesight is damn near perfect. it's time for bobbie's buzz. >> valentine's day, tick-tock,
10:09 am
it is on monday. this flower company is the only non-profit flower organization that employs people with disabilities. so if you're going to get flowers, they send worldwide. next, for the silly, the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach, it's through his funny bone. this is called a my pet speaker. you plug your ipod in and it dances. it's a speaker. >> i would like that. >> it would look beautiful in your apartment. >> look how it moves. >> it goes slower. >> look at that. >> and last but not least, for the sexy category, boo it's a fun web site that has everything from perfume with the
10:10 am
pheramones with candles in it to a mojo makeover book. >> you guys, here comes what we've been waiting for. we're going to watch kathie lee's pooch go poof! >> still to come, sara goes live with questions fromieud a audiee after these messages. this is a strawberry pop-tart.
10:11 am
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[ female announcer ] there's a place called hidden valley where kids not only eat their vegetables, they can't get enough. ♪ hidden valley ranch, makes vegetables delectable.
10:13 am
>> we're wrapping up our special series life changers with the moment we've all been waiting for. kathie lee is going to bare it all. >> i did go in with a fat firming session. the machine uses a new form of ultrafrequency radio waves to melt the fat away. you've got to see this. we are in dr. patricia wechsler's office. i have been in this office for a long time. she says she wants to lose that belly fat and she's been talking
10:14 am
about it since the beginning. since we started working together, she kept saying, i hate my pooch, i hate my pooch. her snooki poof. >> i do feel bloated today. >> let's get that procedure going. chop, chop. >> i've had two caesarean sections and the last one was 7 and a half years ago. it was concave. even after my baby. i don't think i'll be this way again. i'm more this way now. >> i was watching her. she was like, i'm having water. i was like, you had two sips of water and eight sips of wine. i know she's supposed to be hydrating, but i don't think she understands what hydrating really means.
10:15 am
>> i'm not crazy about pain, but no pain, no gain. you know. but she says this isn't painful. i'm more afraid of how my fat is going to look on tv. >> the fact that she's doing it is gutsy and if it ends up anywhere but on our show, you are dead. you are dead. >> okay, so apparently the good news is i've lost three-quarters of an inch. i still feel bloated. did i have fuzz in my belly button this time? i had fuzz and a seed in my belly button last time. it was so embarrassing. ouch! i'm starting to feel quite a difference, actually, and my friends, which is disturbing to me, are really seeing a
10:16 am
difference. >> no matter what i say, i'm in trouble. >> okay, i've lost 1-1/4 inches off the poof. >> wow! dermatologist pat wechsler is here to tell us what really happened behind closed doors. hi, how are you? >> great. >> she is the absolute greatest. when i turned 40, i didn't want to do the surgery and all that stuff. she does awesome cosmetic procedures and other things. the greatest dermatologist in the world is patricia wechsler. of all the people who look unblou unbelievable for their age, they all go to pat. >> how was the final result? >> the technician was going to measure me this morning. last time it was an inch and a half and i did the procedure last tuesday for the fourth time, pat, and i think it's close to two inches. >> it was just about two inches. two inches off her lower abdomen
10:17 am
with just doing an external melting procedure in four weeks is quite extensive. you know what, it uses radiofrequency waves to melt the fat from the outside in, and then when the fat melts, it's carried out by the lymphatic system and you pee it out, basically. >> i love it when she talks dirty. >> but we have two heads to the machine. one head melts the fat and the other head actually tightens the skin. so it works on any area of the body, and if you have no fat but you just have loose skin, you can come in and just have the skin tightened. >> how expensive is this procedure? >> it's actually so moderately priced, it's amazing. >> how much? >> depending on if you need just tightening to just melting, it can be anywhere from 1500 to under $2,000 for the whole procedure. so that's amazing. >> who is not a candidate for that? >> basically, if you have a
10:18 am
def defibrillator, if you have a pacemaker. >> i may ha >> now you tell me! just kidding. i may have one by the end of the day. >> it gets rid of cellulite using ultrasound. but this is a completely different animal because it's radiofrequency waves, so the pressure is continuous and you're melting one entire area at a therapeutic temperature, and you actually are the only patient that's complained about pain, but i do have to say, if you were a captor in world war ii, it would be a different story. >> she was still aamazing.
10:19 am
i love you, pat. >> you didn't have a lot to lose. the work continues. in just a month, you have contraction of the tissue. at two, three, four months you're making new collagen, so it will be even better. congratulations. >> sara haines is cleeollectingl the questions. i'm gonna go cook breakfast. >> excellent, it's called, right, darling? >> cheers. ♪ ohh! ♪ [ male announcer ] so simple you could make em yourself. breakfast!! [ male announcer ] so delicious you don't have to. golden crispy outside, warm and fluffy inside. did you make coffee too?
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10:22 am
go to to learn more and get terms and conditions. we're back on this friday with 3-2-1 live with sara haines. >> that's when sara gathers a bunch of questions and answers them live and we answer them uncensored. >> she's got a question about your best valentine's day memory. >> hi, hoda. i just want to know what your best valentine's day memory is. >> mine is going to be this valentine's day. >> some very tough things happened for you. >> but this valentine's day is going to be good. >> it's going to be awesome! >> what's yours? >> i'm not into valentine's day.
10:23 am
not my thing. i think you should treat your honey with a lot of love every day and don't have huge expectations for valentine's day. i'm sorry. i don't have a great memory. >> and now we have chris from colorado with a jay leno question. >> we were at jay leno a few weeks ago when you were there. >> sorry. >> it was fun. we had really bad seats. >> we didn't see you. >> what was the fun part of california? >> i like to go to california because my son is out there, so he was out there at the taping. and i don't know if you saw my keg stand, but my son was the only one who didn't want me to do a keg stand. >> jay leno had to convince cody to let kathie lee go upside down with her legs in the air. >> now i do it just for fun and exercise. anything else? >> yes, we've got kathy and debra from florida -- i think -- and a question about love lives. >> do we have more success having a relationship put
10:24 am
together by an adult child versus friends or meeting someone? >> letting your kids set you up? >> hoda sure has. hoda is in a relationship right now because the daughters introduced the father to hoda. >> yes. i'm all for the kids getting involved. they need to help you guys out. >> it's working out. it's great. >> thank you. >> still to come, what does he want for valentine's day? >> who cares? >> donny deutsch cares. >> what is he doing? >> plus two lucky ladies get fabulous makeovers. we're going to see the fabulous transformation. you'll have to wait. [ male announcer ] from jet engines that have fewer emissions, to new ways to charge electric cars, to renewable sources of clean energy, ecomagination from ge is advanced technology that's good for both the economy and the environment.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
not me. new revlon top speed™ nail enamel. cool color with a built-in topcoat that sets in just 60 seconds. with revlon you can change your mind again, and again, and again. new revlon top speed™ nail enamel. good morning, everybody, the time is 10:26, i'm brent cannon. we want to check your forecast now with christina. >> good morning, brent. our temperatures are finally climbing into the mid-40s now that the sun is out in full force, it's going to be a beautiful day. 54 in oakland but the beautiful days are coming to a close as we head to the latter part of sunday. rain chances each and every day next week. the dry, warm pattern finally coming to an end in the bay area. 68 in redwood city, 69 tomorrow and temperatures dropping to 65, showers arrive by tuesday. let's check with mike on the traffic. >> over my shoulder, you see
10:27 am
880, very light volume for friday light. first, avoid the muni melt trtr system in the city. there's a derail. at the castro station. the b.a.r.t. system will take you under the city streets and that should be a good option for you. that will continue as far as we know. westbound 580 is clear but it's still very slow. more news after this.
10:28 am
10:29 am
new information this morning, i just spoke with the university of cal berkeley athletic demt. they say baseball and rug by are being cut from the athletic department. they'll talk about it in a press conference. the amount of money you license your car could go up to balance the state budget. they want to help counties keep vital services by increasing fees to 2% of the vehicle's current value. right now we pay .65%. they say it would use to fund, and would need a majority vote at the poll. there's a pajama party running until noon today. you can drop off new pajamas and books for kids at the fair mount hotel in san jose. they are going to drop off the donations to the edgewood center for children and families and
10:30 am
then also at the hamilton family center. anybody who donates gets a free pastry and cup of coffee and thanks for joining us this morning. the "today" show continues coming up next. have a great friday and great weekend. >> we're back with today's ambush makeovers, and it's time to highlight two lucky ladies making their debut. >> we picked two lucky ladies who deserved to be pampered. >> his partner in perfection today, "us weekly" contributor and author. it was a chilly day today. >> chilly day. bit this is the weekend of love. what better time to look better?
10:31 am
this is from our first makeover, actually. >> that was little caroline. help us. >> it worked. keep them coming. >> she's 57 years old from charlotte, north carolina. she has been married to her husband michael for 36 years. they have three kids, five grandchildren. she came to the plaza determined -- key word -- to win a makeover and wasn't going to take no for an answer. let's take a listen. >> okay. so they have the sign and they clearly have the schpiel. michael, why do caroline sdefdee a makeover? >> she's put up with me for 37 years. she needs it. >> renovation project right here. roots showing, lines showing, gray places all around the eyes. yes, i totally need this makeover. come on!
10:32 am
help me out, would you, please? >> we're ready to go. >> high five, girl. >> she might get her own sitcom. she's funny. >> all right, look at michael with his new ambush blindfold. michael, you got to keep it on until we give you the green light. >> here is carol before. carol, let's see the new you! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> michael, you ready? take off your blindfold. >> oh, my gosh! >> i need to see myself. >> okay, girl. >> oh, my gosh! did i need this or what? oh, my gosh! >> you look fabulous. >> you did such a great job.
10:33 am
>> we didn't have to do much. look at this personality. she's great. we gave her a great haircut which matches her personality. we made her into more of a sultry brunette. added some blond highlights in key areas. made her look softer with a little bit of eyeliner and natural color. >> if i had picked a wardrobe to match her personality, she would have walked out in lingerie. look at these bracelets we stacked up from the flea market just to show you you can mix and match things. [ applause ] >> our second lady is michelle cruiseman. she is 37 from new hampshire. she and her husband dave will be celebrating their one-year anniversary this june. since dave couldn't be here with
10:34 am
her, she wanted to surprise him with a hot new look when she gets home just in time for valentine's day. take a listen. >> our second makeover is a little bit of a surprise because i know your husband doesn't know you're doing this. >> no. >> what do you think dave will think? >> i'm not too sure. i hope he'll be happy. >> what are you looking for? >> i don't know. i'm going to put it in the hands of louis. from what i've heard, louis is fantastic. i'm just going to go with it. >> he's going to do you up. i'm going to put you in a hot outfit. are you ready to go? >> i am. >> dave, get ready. >> unfortunately, dave is not here, but she's here with her coworker bill. i don't want to say anything, but it seems weird to me. it seems just a little weird to me but i don't judge. all right. let's take one last look at michelle and let's bring out the new michelle! >> come on, michelle. [ applause ]
10:35 am
>> i don't know that you care, but you can take your ambush thing off. she's over here. >> whoa! that's fantastic! >> thank you so much! >> oh, my, you look gorgeous. >> is there something you want to tell us about bill? anything you want to confess on national television? >> she's only been married a year. >> our plan was just to come here this morning with our banner and be on the "today" show. >> your husband is watching it all. what did you do? >> she was hiding behind her hair. we gave her this great haircut
10:36 am
with the swept bang which i find this great hair cut. i always find incredibly sexy. incredibly appropriate for valentine's day. >> so does bill. >> i saw the hair color, just make it more romantic. >> that dress is adorable. >> sorry, bill, this dress is for dave for valentine's day. this is taylor available at macy's look how great the skirt is. >> beautiful. >> i wear a lot of the tailored dresses, they're fantastic and fairly priced. >> come out and join us. >> come on out, everybody. happy valentine's day. next up, what do the guys want for valentine's day. >> donny knows right after this. >> he just thinks he knows. [ female announcer ] can your body wash nourish this deeply?
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only dove has nutriummoisture, which can nourish deep down. dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
10:40 am
guess guess what? with valentine's day just three days away, no better time to get inside your man's heart and head right now. >> we called in someone that can help. donny, he is here with the other view. >> you have a song -- >> i could put a melody to it. >> i have a theme song as i walk through life. >> people come up to lewis and go, la la la. >> i know both of you, you in a new relationship, you in one for some time. you need some advice for valentine's day. i would like to know how i can help you for valentine's day with your new boyfriend. >> you don't need any help.
10:41 am
>> anything you're planning. >> he's planning. he does everything. i just show up. >> can i give you a little piece of advice. do something cute for his daughter for valentine's day. you're already in his heart, do a cute little thing for his daughter. >> you should have told me that off the air. >> i need some help. >> now, you've been in a long-term relationship. >> how do we stay awake? really. >> what are you doing for fun? >> you know what we're doing? something that we're so looking forward it. my daughter has the lead in "a winter's tale" and we're going to go to dinner and see our daughter. >> who can we help? >> jeannie wants to know ahead is from sex what can i do for my husband for valentine's day. not to say that sex will wow him. we've been together for ten years and i need to know. >> that it would or wouldn't. >> you put a little wow.
10:42 am
two other things you can do. i think women make the mistake with cards. they get the really long cards. write three sentences really sweet and, two, do what he wants, not what you want. >> he wants to watch the football game. >> that's what i'm saying. take him to a sporting even. his vision and do a little wow. those are three things. >> it's all about you. it's all about serving the man. >> same thing to a woman. if i do something for a woman on valentine's, it's not my vision, something she wants. that's the whole premise. people make the mistake they want to give versus the gifts that the person wants. >> you can't argue with that, woman. >> that actually made sense for a change. >> carrie wants to know if you started dating someone a month ago, how should valentine's day be spent? >> you shouldn't have any expectations at that point. one month. >> i think in one month do something, cook him dinner, do something fun. i don't think you should be gushing and what not. >> buy him a present or no?
10:43 am
>> nothing crazy over the top. >> like what sph. >> a little fun thing. >> rolex. >> no, a wallet or something that is just sweet and nice. what is the matter with a wallet? >> so he can put his money in it and spend it on you. >> my daughter made me this wallet out of duct tape. once again, for instance, the women in my life has had her do that or something like that, that's the kind of stuff that you go, wow. >> how many cards? the black card, yeah. don't look at the number. don't show the number. >> here's that picture. >> oh, your daughters. >> a picture of his daughter. a couple playboy play mates. >> i am here to help women. >> oh, oh, there is a picture with a woman torn in two. >> no, come on. >> what are you talking about, that's my kids. the kids with my mother and my sister. it just happens to be broken.
10:44 am
>> nothing exciting at all. >> cathy wants to know how can valentine's be special for those who don't have a valentine. i'll take this, it's chocolate. >> love yourself. massage, whatever will feel good for you. it's valentine's day and i'll sit and watch tv. do something great for yourself. >> or help somebody else out. >> on holidays and new year's eve, it's me, man. what am i doing for me? what am i doing for me? take care of yourself, i mean that. >> send yourself some flowers. >> or invite office bob over. >> office bob. >> the guy with the makeover girl had with the office mate with her instead of her husband. >> bill. >> office bill. >> the co-worker. >> stop bringing that up. >> i wish it was something incriminating in there. coming up next, foods that put us in a good mood. >> madeline tests our knowledge of aphrodiaziacs.
10:45 am
aphrodisiacs. ♪ [ female announcer ] there's a place called hidden valley where kids not only eat their vegetables, they can't get enough. ♪ hidden valley ranch, makes vegetables delectable. hidden valley ranch, two incredible lash looks, one genius brush. twist to one, for length and drama... or two, for length and definition. it's mascara, with a twist. new revlon, customeyes mascara. no wonder people go out of their way to share them.
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10:49 am
. chocolate, food, wine, we all knew these things were aphrodisiacs, but did you know why they put you in the mood? >> madeleine is here to fill us up with love. >> hello, madeline! >> i have some good and bad foods, but some surprising things about aphrodisiacs. sa la salami was considered to be the top aphrodisiac food in italy, greece or spain. which one was it? >> italy. >> you are correct. two-part question here. the runner-up for this food was olives, cheese or artichoke hearts. >> what is this supposed to be doing? >> the food survey done in italy, salami was the best, and the runner up was olives, cheese
10:50 am
or artichoke hearts. >> cheese. >> how did we know? >> what part of the sushi is considered to be a food that puts you in the mood? is it the fish, the seaweed or the rice? >> me? it was the seaweed. >> seaweed, that is correct. >> that's the best part for you. >> 2-1. are bananas considered to be an aphrodisiac food because of the shape, because of the high potassium content or both? >> you are a sicky. >> what was the third part of it? >> is it both? is it the shape, the high potassium content? >> it's the potassium. >> no. >> it's the shape, baby. >> there you go. >> is it 2-2?
10:51 am
>> yes. >> chocolates are good for you, good for your blood pressure, but think about this. how many chocolates do you have to eat for several days every week to get this low blood pressure effect. is it one ounce, two ounces or four ounces? >> the big one. >> that's right, it's four ounces a day. 3-2. everyone knows about oysters, but are they considered to be an aphrodisiac food because of their texture, because of their protein content or because of the zinc that they have. >> the zinc. >> do you know why? >> it's an important proponent in sperm production. >> this is the tiebreaker. >> listen carefully. one of these drinks is not considered to be a food of love. is it absence? is it port or is it pomegranate
10:52 am
juice? >> it is not absence. >> no, no, she didn't get it. >> what are the other two? >> pomegranate juice and port wine. >> i'm going to say the pomegranate. >> you're correct. so the winner for this contest for valentine's day is hoda. and here we have the godiva heart just for you. >> i want to get one for kathie lee. >> i lost fair and square, and it would be a very different story if hoda had lost, if you know what i mean. we'll have more today on nbc. >> godiva chocolate vodka.
10:53 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started
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10:55 am
itsz time to check in with sara haines.
10:56 am
>> i was asked about your procedure. what does it do and where does it go? >> it melts your fat and flushes out naturally from your system. that's why they want you to drink tons of water before, tons of water the day of and tons of water the next day. that way you can go back 20 years in time and look like that. we've got a great monday coming up. but we want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a fabulous, fabulous weekend. >> this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> he's not using his knees. >> do this like that many times. >> judg-woww gives relationship
10:57 am
advice. >> come on, ladies! >> okay, hello! >> you're not really working a whole lot, are you? >> leslie and dave going at it. >> what is that? >> that's water. >> then what's the point of mics? come on, now. -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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